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The results of the 2nd AAC at 128kbps public listening test

Written by Lasse Penttinen @ 02 Mar 2004 7:30 User comments (1)

Apple iTunes graps another victory in public listening comparison, featuring MPEG-4 AAC codecs at 128kbps bitrate. The Nero AAC codec is statistically considered to be equally good, even though there is a clear difference in the diagram. Real, FAAC and Compaact! come after the winning couple. The biggest surprise in the results might be the decent rating of the open-source encoder FAAC, which has improved a lot in terms of quality.

Read the full results with commentary in here

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14.3.2004 11:52

This graph is very poorly done -- the y-axis should start at 0,0 rather than 3,5 for the length of the bars to be useful.

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