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A flaw in QuickTime permits code execution

Written by Lasse Penttinen @ 04 Mar 2004 8:09 User comments (2)

A flaw in QuickTime permits code execution Software vulnerabilities are one of the hottest topics of the moment. Now it has been reported that the Apple QuickTime player has a glitch that could permit code execution, and there for is a potential security risk. This is a significant discovery as QuickTime is one of the most popular video player software and Internet video formats. The flaw has not been documented yet, which suggests that it has not yet been exploited.
According to the source, Apple has been notified on the 18th of February, but there still is no patch or update available.


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2 user comments

17.3.2004 12:26

Thats Apple for you, and thats why I will not use it. Just more junk

28.3.2004 10:54

Time to uninstall quicktime. It didn`t mention which version this would target, I wonder if the newer version is different enough for this not to affect you. Or if the older versions are different and similarly can`t be hit.

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