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Kazaa loses the first court round in Australia

Written by Petteri Pyyny (Google+) @ 04 Mar 2004 11:48 User comments (4)

Kazaa loses the first court round in Australia Sharman Networks' (the parent company of Kazaa) attempt to invalidate the evidence found in recent raids to its headquarters in Australia failed today when the Australian federal court rejected Sharman's claims that the raids were made without valid reasons.
Raids were allowed originally by federal Judge Murray Wilcox, who issued so-called Anton Pillar order that allows copyright holders to raid companies if they suspect that the company is violating their copyrights and there's a threat that evidence related to these actions will be destroyed shortly.

Sharman Networks claimed in the court that MIPI, the recording industry organization who made the raid, withheld facts from the judge when they applied for Anton Pillar order. Despite ruling that the evidence is legal, court did state that MIPI and Sharman should work out a mutually agreeable way for MIPI to access the evidence found in raids.

In addition to the ruling about raid's legality, court also ruled against Sharman's request to postpone its court case in Australia until the similar case has finished in the United States against it. Court case in Australia continues on 23rd of March.

Source: TechNewsWorld

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4 user comments

15.3.2004 5:50

Wow!...Austrailia is getting like America more every day. Looks like all the media world has to do to invade your privacy is to have some sort of "whim" that somebody's copyright is violated. What a crock of shit with these judges making laws instead of interpreting them. This ruling is totally ridiculous. It opens the door to any kind of invasion based on some "suspicion". I hope this ruling is overturned. Best to All! Rodgers

27.3.2004 12:16

i dont really care for this stuff anymore.

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38.3.2004 11:10

Same old, same old... Kazaa IS a pile of shit, but I would like to think it really brought P2P to the mainstream. I mean, I don't even bother to tell people to use eMule when I ask them, "So... what program do you use?" They usually say: "Kazaa, of course/Kazaa Lite of course!" But of course, raiding to get rid of evidence isn't the best way to start a case..... They don't have too much of my pity on this one..

415.3.2004 15:27

what the fuck to they think that they can acheive out of this, in a matter of minutes people will find another free download site and continue downloading, waste of money if you ask me

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