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Napster in big trouble?

Written by Petteri Pyyny (Google+) @ 10 Mar 2004 14:17 User comments (6)

Napster in big trouble? According to an article in Rolling Stone magazine, the P2P-turned-to-legal-music-store, Napster, might be in serious trouble in various fronts. At least four of its executives have left the company since its launch four months ago and the parent company Roxio has lost 60 percent of its stock market value during that period as well.
However, company denies alleged problems and is quickly to point out that they've managed to sell over 5 million songs since the launch and have received an additional $22.5M from investors to fund the operations. But company has suffered couple of major defeats, most notably the HP's decision to abandon the already-agreed deal to bundle Napster into its new computers and instead opted to utilize Apple's iTunes service.


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6 user comments

110.3.2004 14:37

The sooner these worthless scams die the better.

210.3.2004 14:55

hmmm.... $1.99 a song- only top 40 songs to chose from OR irc, kazaa, bit torrent- get full albums of anything you could want for free

311.3.2004 4:04

And the people who download for free, and not pay for them if they like them, is who causes problems for all of us.

411.3.2004 5:23

bird1234 I agree with the others irc p2p bit torrent ......I personally have over cd 400 albums at home far more cd singles than I care to count and as far as vinyl goes got a cupboard full of it n would rather let it rot than get the pittance back its worth now ....n I never listen to most of it I musta been outta My mind buying 99% of it

::LivE ForeveR OR DiE TryiN!!::....::DonT FinD US WE WilL FinD YoU::..
ChecK OuT ThE PenguiN GamE AnD PosT YouR HighesT DistancE ON ThE ForuM

511.3.2004 7:28

bird1234, Questions for you, seriously. I want to know your opinion on this. If you do not use P2P or "pirate" digital media in general, what problems are P2P users causing you? Other than the industry attempting to crack down on what they consider to be illegal, which affects mainly file sharers, what problems are P2P causing for "all of us"?

612.3.2004 9:31

hey penis bird I most certainly believe you "download" either music or movies off of P2P networks, otherwise you would not be a member of this site. Do you come just to read the articles on "how to rip music and how to get movies onto a cd"?? And please dont post anymore comments that make no sence whats so ever

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