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Study: Parents don't know Net piracy is illegal

Written by Petteri Pyyny (Google+) @ 18 Mar 2004 15:53 User comments (27)

Study: Parents don't know Net piracy is illegal According to a study conducted by Nielsen NRG on behalf of the MPAA, 40 percent of American parents whose kids use the Net don't know that swapping of copyrighted material is illegal (although its still unknown whether downloading -- not uploading -- such material in States is illegal as AFAIK there are no court cases about that yet).
Study also found that 55 percent of the parents knew that their kids didn't pay for the content they got from the Net and 15 percent didn't know whether their kids paid for the content or not.

Probably the most interesting finding in the study was the fact that one third of the parents who themselves downloaded copyrighted material from the Net learned how to do so from their own kids.

So, MPAA's solution? "Once parents take the time to get the facts and have the increasingly important 'download discussion', they are taking yet one more step in keeping their family safe and raising good 'digital citizens'", MPAA's vice president of public affairs said in the statement.

Source: VNUNet

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27 user comments

118.3.2004 17:38

on behalf of the MPAA
That means it's a worthless skewed load of crap right there.

218.3.2004 19:56

Damn good post. Although bullshit IMO would have been a better word :P

318.3.2004 21:32

I dont think My parents ever actually knew what I was upto n that was before I even dream't of the net becomin reality so now holy shit I BET kids in most house holds are cleverer than there parents

::LivE ForeveR OR DiE TryiN!!::....::DonT FinD US WE WilL FinD YoU::..
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419.3.2004 7:55

DaOsT "holy shit I BET kids in most house holds are cleverer than there parents" Never met a kid who didn't believe that, particularly teenagers. You are probably right for the majority of households when It comes to computers/net/tech widgets . There's more to the world than computers/net/tech widgets...

519.3.2004 9:06

i think the biggest problem here is that there's rich people not making money off of us. we all know that pisses them so we try to make it a very casual's just a download...and these kids parents dont know anything about it. the fact of the matter is what we're doing we've been doing for years. before cd's and mp3's we made copies of our tapes and passed them out to friends...that wasn't illegal. before dvd's and vcd's we made copies of our vhs tapes, and nobody sued anybody then...but the wealthy-uninformed senators wife thinks we're all thieves. i could go on forever but i'll end it by saying i won't stop downloading unless they actually send me to prison...which is a definite possibility if ms cheney reads this post

619.3.2004 10:06

Phone man, I could not have said it better myself, I will join you in a cell before I give another buck to the RIAA or mpaa....... screw them

719.3.2004 13:36

yep i never want to give the RIAA any of my fuken money because well... because i don't have none lol. and if i had some i still wouldn't give'em any. And i do think that i'm cleverer than my parents lol. So just screw the RIAA and MPAA

819.3.2004 15:50

Yeah, but what about the recording artist who made that piece of music you love so much? Don't you think they deserve some money for their efforts and time? I agree with most of you, fuck the RIAA and most of the artists, but not all of them are conceited money hungry mofo's, they're trying to make a living. That's a pretty fucked up attitude Daskins, let's see you enjoy it when they have no reason to make the tunes anymore, when they're not getting anybodies "fucking money". On one hand you have the fantical RIAA and anti-piracy people and on the other extreme we have 13 and 14 year olds acting like rebels saying fuck the RIAA and waving their middle fingers about. That said, they will never stop "piracy", they can sue as many people as they want, people will still do it, but maybe that's what the artists and RIAA want to happen if they can't get royalties for their music, why not forcefully take it off you, LOL.

919.3.2004 16:12

hey i said Fuk the RIAA NOT the artists thats y i only go buy CD's of artists that i love and that are worth the money not them pansies ass artist that are worth crap and expect to get money from the hard working individuals that actually make the world go round.

1019.3.2004 17:53

LOL, well said daskins, those pansy ass artists haven't a clue, pop music anybody? Madonna and the such are jokes anyway, they don't even know how to function in society properly, though people do put them on pedestals and that would affect them in the long run, Madonna anyone? There is a hell of a lot i'd like to say on this topic but i have things to attend to in reality, peace out.

1120.3.2004 2:40

GrayArea your right put My folks infront of a pc they try to get a drink from it although My oldman is coming on with his pc skills now foneman couldn't of put it better if I tried

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1220.3.2004 8:20

in response to pbailey...the artists you are talking about when you say they spend their time and efforts, most of these people are millionaires that have the songs written and produced, then they spend one day, yes one fucking day, singing. then someone mixes it and its out to the 14 yr old girls of america. the only reason these albums are so expensive is because the record company has to pay 80 people to make one song. the bands that make the music and then buy the studio time, they deserve all the money they get, but when you buy a backstreat album you are literally making dozens of greedy, self-absorbed(and mostly foreign) people very rich. and when i say foreign people, you guys prolly don't know that of all the music we hear on the radio almost half of it is produced or released by european elite that sees the american pop music market as a good investment opprotunity. so go ahead and protect "the artist" if ya want, but in my eyes they're mostly sell-outs

between my ear and my music stands the law

1320.3.2004 14:27

As far as supporting the artists, I feel the ones continuing to put music out under the RIAA aren't supporting me as a fan and consumer. I don't see the sense in staying with an orginization that not only sues your fans, but screws you, as an artist, out of what you rightly deserve. When it comes to the movie stars, I have no pity for them at all. They get their millions up front and the little guys aren't going to get hurt either because the movies will be made whether there is piracy or not. The net profits for these movies guarantees all of which I just said.

1421.3.2004 0:30

To foneman, i don't give a shit about pop music, that's what that shit is. I'm talking about people such as tool and other artists who do write their own music and lyrics, and who do a hard fucking 3 years work on an album they create themselves. People need to take responsibilty for their actions, those artists who get rich under those labels are because dickheads buy their music, not because they're rich to begin with, that's crap. Money perpetuates so far, but idiots will perpetuate it much further. You don't like the music don't buy it foneman, but trying to justify your actions by saying one band is a sellout and then d/ling a song from another band is just plain bullshit hypocrasy.

1521.3.2004 0:36

Also foneman, that comment about all the foreign crap on your radio? Congratulations, now you know what it's like for Australia and half the rest of the world to have foreign American bullshit spewing thru the radio and on our tv's 24/7. Typical american poiont of view.

1621.3.2004 5:57

hey i'm, well just fuk the RIAA i can't stress that enough. and about that foerign rap i go to my country El Salvador for my vacations and all i hear now is american rap songs and stuff, it doesn't really bother me because i like that music, but it gets me mad that alot of countries are getting americanized and are losing their roots and following in another countries footsteps.

1721.3.2004 5:58

i mean about that foriegn crap* all i hear is american rap*

1821.3.2004 17:36

I don't want to turn this into an anti-american thread cause it's not, and nor am i, it just annoyed me what foneman said, i mean how long has america seen the rest of the world as an investment opportunity, and maybe it is, but there is such a thing as oversaturation. But it's not all bad, Tool is from america and a hell of a lot of other good things come out of america too, and i have to admit Australia did give the world Kylie Minogue and home and away, and for that i am truly sorry :) peace

1922.3.2004 12:57

i didn't mean to sound like anti-foriegn, and i realize how hypocritical i was. but i just dont want to support this chit anymore. i still dont understand why we let people get so crooked. i guess im just an optomist but i think we should be able to stop some of it. and buying cd's for $20 is un-f-ing-believable.

2022.3.2004 13:34

Agreed, we should be able to stop some of it, but i doubt we ever will. LOL i guess i'm a pessimist, but i like to think of myself as a realist ;)

2123.3.2004 3:38

WHAT??? Net Piracy is ILLEGAL??? Seriously? oh....shit!

2223.3.2004 7:58

Who came up with this "Piracy" name anyway? No one is getting killed. No one's ship (home, record company?) is getting burned down. There is still debate as to whether or not it is a crime, much less PIRACY. If you ARE going to consider it a crime... how about calling it "Net petty theft"? That's a lot less dramatic and much more accurate. It would take some of the media sizzle out of those RIAA press releases. I know most of us would rather picture ourselves as Captain Jack Sparrow swashbuckling over the open seas, killing robber barons and looting their treasures, but hey, if it's even a crime the reality is, it's more like swiping a pack of gum from the gas station. Really.

2323.3.2004 13:03

The term Piracy means: 1. Robbery on the seas 2. a felony such as robbery or hijacking 3. the unauthorised use of appropriation of patented or copyrighted material/ideas

245.4.2004 17:17

GrayArea: perhaps your perspective might be different if you were say, a commision-based/contract programmer for games with a crapload of student loans to pay off? :-) (I'm not poking fun or being judgemental, just presenting a potentially different perspective).

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2519.4.2004 15:33

IMO the term piracy has been around since the first videos and was probably coined by the movie companys. If they could of used a harsher term like child molesting mass murdering pack rapists they would of. And as for the "hard working artists" isnt that an oxymoron, ppl shouldnt get paid bucket fulls of money for doing something they like. I hate my job and get paid a pittance. You shouldnt be able to have your cake and eat it too. lol

should of stuck to the atari. bloody technology

2621.4.2004 5:23

IMO the term piracy has been around since the first videos and was probably coined by the movie companys.
Its be round for well over 1000 years - Piracy: 1. Robbery on the seas 2. a felony such as robbery or hijacking Its only recently, since copying became a problem with the early VCR's, that the term started to apply to movies....

2721.4.2004 5:41

Also the stealing of satelite signals have been referred to as piracy.

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