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Netsky.Q takes down P2P and crack sites

Written by Jari Ketola @ 08 Apr 2004 13:52 User comments (6)

Netsky.Q takes down P2P and crack sites Email worm Netsky.Q variant has managed to bring down the websites hosting eDonkey2000 and eMule at and The worm has also brought down two piracy sites at and The only site that has managed to survice the Distributed Denial of Service (DDoS) attack is Kazaa homepage at
The eDonkey website is available at, and the eMule-project is currently available at an alternative address -- Of course not too many would think of trying the second-level domain name without the third-level part, www.

According to the F-Secure virus information page the Netsky.Q work will be performing its DDoS attack between April 7th and 12th, 2004.


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6 user comments

18.4.2004 15:57

Actually was taking down by the administrators before the DDoS attack i believe! They had a notice up saying it would be down and to use

28.4.2004 17:02

Why is this worm variant only targetting P2P & Crack web sites? Who would get their kicks out out of attacking these sites? Hmmmm. RIAA, MPAA, M$.... OK, it's a conspiracy theory. But, let's face it, those who write this type of code are not the darlings of DRM organizations & companies. Ted

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I wouldn't want to F*ck any of the Kerry's. I've got some standards

39.4.2004 12:51

hahaha this is and are both working fine..lmfao!! And if they did get hit by a virus why is it not stated on their main page or in any news section....what a riot...p2p forever!!!! I dont care what you big wigs do there isn't a damn thing you can do to stop this sharing, cracking, hacking community, and incase your wondering why, you have to live by rules, we as a "sharing" community don't.... Peace and sharing forever Dr_digitaL

49.4.2004 17:12

lol this is halarious, but who do you think is behind thid eh.. RIAA (COUGH)

59.4.2004 21:25

umm.. still works... lol they shut them down allright.

612.4.2004 23:47

all its gonna do is let more people now about sites like and so if it was done by M$ RIAA then ts backfired big time.

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