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Study: P2P users shifting to movie downloads

Written by Petteri Pyyny (Google+) @ 21 Apr 2004 14:16 User comments (13)

Research company Ipsos-Insight's latest digital music behavior study dubbed as TEMPO found that American P2P users are getting more and more excited about movies and music videos than previously. According to the study, in the last quarter of 2003, 21 percent of American downloaders aged 12 years or more had downloaded at least one full-length movie from the Net.
The study, which is concluded quarterly, found that age group of 18-to-24 are, rather unsurprisingly, most interested in downloading movies -- 37 percent of them had downloaded a movie during the survey period of three months.

The movie industry has somewhat predicted the trend that is getting more and more popular as the people's available storage space and Net connection speeds improve. The industry has set up various Net-only distribution channels in the States, most notably the MovieLink service and hopes to avoid the same kind of situation that has faced the music industry. The music industry seems unable to find a decent source of income to replace the falling CD sales figures.

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13 user comments

121.4.2004 20:01

Why is it that I find almost every piece of news that regards something of this topic (P2P etc.) almost futile. Why do I feel that its futile to try and stop P2P. Why do I feel that in the end, we will still be downloading sensibly, unlike those actual pirates who sell pirated material. But then, why do I feel this whole thing is futile. P2P is the future. Don't try and stop it. Things move forward, technology advances with everyone's ideas. It's useless to try and resist it. Adapt to the enviroment. There's no use living in the past.

222.4.2004 5:37

Indeed.. P2P is the future.. Sharing is the future.. it should be applied everywhere.. we should share everything.. we would be that much more advanced that way.. I mean the whole human race...

322.4.2004 11:17

skip p2p altogether for large files (although its great for clips and mp3s) goto irc- like 20,000 dvd rip channels with way faster dl speeds

422.4.2004 13:06


goto irc- like 20,000 dvd rip channels with way faster dl speeds
Do you approve of downloading movies from the net?.

Looking for my old AD

522.4.2004 13:17

why do you care? and dont get preachy on me, its obvious what everyones position on this is- why do you care what I do?

come to the grassyknoll video game roms archive
show your stuff- debate politics

622.4.2004 13:28

Hold on not getting preachy...i was just asking a genuine question...what you do is TOTALLY up to's your's a free world.. For the record.I dont do any file sharing via p2p or IRC.

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722.4.2004 19:52

No offence, but I don't care what you do. As long as it doesn't affect me in any way major. Look we all know that P2P isn't really right, but we all want it to be right. The companies that try to stop it are really, well, wasting there time. I mean, it's like saying stop eating McDonalds, they're unhealthy for you! Who honestly cares about the stuff you eat is unhealthy for you as long as it tastes good and you're young. You only get to live life once (as far as I know), so live it how you want.

822.4.2004 20:33

I would have to disagree it's more like saying stop stealing from Mcdonalds, its illegal. I don't like the industry fat cats anymore than you but call a spade a spade. I dont walk into Walmart and shoplift just because I think they make too much money and I cant stand the way they do buisiness. Just because you can do something dosen't make it right or legal. If you use P2P as a preview and then buy then its o.k., but how many people are actually buying is the question. Temptation along with no morals cause some to just steal others work without reguard and thats wrong.

923.4.2004 10:41

I agree downloading copy written material off the net is the same as shoplifting from a store. Sure I think that the prices of Cds and Dvds are way too high, but that is the way our society works. They have a Dvd movie or a Cd that I want and guess what...they have every right to charge whatever they want for it. If you don't like the price, don't buy it. That is your choice, but don't steel something from someone and then claim that you did it because the price was too high or blow it off because that company makes a lot already. I really want a 65" Plasma Tv, but I don't have the 6 grand laying around to buy it. That company is making a fortune selling those Tvs. Does that make it alright for me to just walk in to my local Tv dealer and take one? Now I know some of you people out there are saying "That's completely different!", but is it? It is the same thing, I am just talking on a larger scale. I don't have a problem with one friend giving another friend a copy of a CD or even a Dvd, but it never stops there. Everyone has to load it to the net and then they send it out and then we have a problem. For all of you out there making comments about "Fat Cats" and the oh so rich record companies, remember that those record companies have employees. People that are not making all the money, the people that actually work at making the discs, the boxes, the packaging, the advertising, the people answering phones, cleaning the floors, the people actually working in the record stores etc. everytime you download illegally and steel from the "industry" you are robbing those people blind, because the "Fat Cats" are not going to lose money here. They will either raise prices higher, give out pay cuts, or fire people to make up the difference. So don't think the only person you screw is a millionare. I know a lot of people out there do this and I am not judging or pointing fingers. I am just making a point.

101.5.2004 7:15

I don't believe you can compare downloading to stealing or shoplifting. Granted, you are aquiring it free of charge, but it is not being stolen. By definition stealing is: "To take and carry away, feloniously; to take without right or leave, and with intent to keep wrongfully; as, to steal the personal goods of another." This is not the case. P2P are "sharing" networks. The keyword here is "sharing". People are not charging to download from one anothers machines. TO apply your comments to a practical means, you have to look at it like this. There is a man on the corner giving away tv's on the corner, you pick one up, your buddy wants one, you build one just like it(far fetched , yes, but work with me) and give it to him. He's got a buddy and yet he has a buddy, and so on. This is the nature of P2P. Don't buy into the industry's propaganda, they want you to think it is stealing. It is not.

111.5.2004 8:28

I think sharing is the future of Mankind. It's always been a struggle between the haves and have nots. When possessions cease, wars will cease. BTW I want to start the movement be sharing a Porsche, and Britney Spears!

122.5.2004 16:17

brian100 & pcshateme -- both of you's play nice now oki?

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137.6.2004 22:16

What i find funny is the IRAA have been cracking down massively on P2P File sharing, yet they forgot to mention that annual CD album sales last year were the best theyve ever had. They complained about the impact of illegitimate file sharing on sales, especially on CD singles, yet they also forgot to mention that their combined sales of all formats was also the biggest they've ever had? Also the reports released about file sharing affecting cd sales are under scrutiny. The IRAA say its because of file sharing, but a report from Harvard Business school states that this accounts for a tiny percentage of decline in sales. They suggest it is due to other factors, such as competing gaming markets and movies, especially DVD's, where people are putting their money instead.

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