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New iTunes' authentication cracked

Written by Petteri Pyyny (Google+) @ 29 Apr 2004 13:56 User comments (4)

New iTunes' authentication cracked Apple released a new major version of its popular iTunes software that allows purchases via iTMS music store, aiming to change the authentication method of iTunes' songs that was broken previously by hackers who wished to incorporate iTunes support to various applications. Now, just 24 hours after the release of new version, v4.5, the new authentication scheme seems to be cracked again.
The library, libopendaap, allows connecting to iTunes shares and streaming audio files and by using that library, developers can easily add a support for such features in their own tools. Legality of such library is another thing, but so far the site that hosts the files in Australia hasn't been harrassed by Apple.


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4 user comments

129.4.2004 19:04

Sweet. SWEET! :-) Wonder why these folks can't/won't take a hint? Maybe they're going to have to cozy-up a little more closely to Micro$oft, to come up with something a little more robust and crack-resistant. Not that it matters much ..... I see (in the next news update) that the latest iTunes/Pepsi fiasco was a major belly-flop. Like I say, ... Can't these guys take a hint?

230.4.2004 5:30

It always going to happen. if someone is good enough to create it, then someone is also good enough to break it down...

330.4.2004 11:53

Don't think anyone "broke down" the promotion, I just think people couldn't have cared less about it. (Couldn't be bothered).

43.5.2004 8:52

Ummm...yeah. This is cute and all but it would be really nice if they'd actually crack the DRM so that we could once again easily liberate our music purchases.

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