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New version of FFDSHOW released

Written by Petteri Pyyny (Google+) @ 02 May 2004 23:44

Arguably the best video decoder filter that can replace most of your computer's video codecs (in case you just watch movies), FFDSHOW, has been updated once again. The new version, FFDSHOW 2004-05-01, is mostly a small bugfix release, but still recommended for all users who use previous versions of FFDSHOW (and even more so for people who rely on separate video codecs..).
The full changelog for the latest version is here:
  • updated x264
  • converted sup_XXX macros to static inline functions
  • init xvid colorspace conversion only once
  • VFW: RGB565->RGB555
  • increased IffdshowDecVideo version
  • correct detection of RGB color formats
  • IffProc::getCspInfo
  • updated xvid colorspace conversion routines
  • libavcodec headers cleanup
  • updated libavcodec, FLV1 decoding
  • swscaler: YVYU support, RGB15/16 fixes
  • support for HuffYUV 2.2 interlace flag (decoding only)
  • RGB32 FFV1 encoding support
  • YUV 4:1:0 FFV1 decoding fix
  • AVIS audio DirectShow decoding
  • pvcd quantization matrix by Manuel Cobos
  • updated libavcodec

And as always, you can download the latest version from our site:

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