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Double-layer DVD discs from Taiwan -- soon

Written by Jari Ketola @ 05 May 2004 12:24 User comments (2)

Double-layer DVD discs from Taiwan -- soon Taiwanese manufacturers, including Ritek and CMC Magnetics, have announced that they plan to start the production of double-layer DVD±R discs this summer. Several manufacturers have already announced plans to release double-layer drives in May.
Ritek is currently doing trial production of dual-layer discs for quality certification, and expects to begin volume production by the end of June. The licensing terms for dual-layer discs are more strict than those of single layer DVD±R discs. That will result in smaller manufacturers having more difficulties with starting mass production, which in turn will reflect on the price of media.

It is quite likely that the prices for double-layer discs will not fall as rapidly as the single layer prices fell. The prices for Taiwanese double-layer discs will in any case be 20-30% lower than those of their Japanese counterparts.


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2 user comments

15.5.2004 21:04

so will dual layer dvds require a dual layer burner?............... i meen, the burner can read a second layer, and it has a laser that can write couldnt it burn a second layer?

26.5.2004 22:15

There have been a few artilcles over recent months stating manufacturers could release firmware updtaes that could do the job. I would still expect new drives to be released rather than free updates, its another opportunity to sell us more hardware

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