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Napster teams up with Dixons in the UK

Written by Petteri Pyyny (Google+) @ 05 May 2004 13:47 User comments (3)

Napster teams up with Dixons in the UK Roxio's legal online music service, Napster, is preparing for its anticipated end-of-summer launch in Europe and has announced a partnership deal with UK's largest high street PC store chain, Dixons.
According to their press release, Dixons will promote Napster's service and related products in its UK stores. Dixons' chains in the UK include Currys, The Link and PC World. Napster's software will be pre-installed to all in-house brand computers sold in Dixons' stores. Additionally various Napster branded products, such as CD-R discs, will be sold in stores.

Source: Official press release

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3 user comments

15.5.2004 18:24

Well I bought a few songs from Napster. i bought The Jesus And Mary Chain and all the songs from that Albun sounded good. I then tried Def Lepperd from High And Dry and On Through The Night. Awsome I say. Then I tried Pixes and Echo And The Bunnymen and Big Audio Dynomite. It all sounded great and I was able to transfer them to my Nomad Jukebox 2 player NO PROBS. Sure they are DRMed but you can still put the files on your Jukebox that has a 20 GB Hard drive. The Jukebox can play Mp3's too so it goes very well with the rest of your collection. When I had a prob with the Napster prepaid Download card a gentleman was very nice over the phone and I talked about Music and adding more bands. These guys are very friendly and helpful and I feel this is the new wave for legal paid music. You can buy Trax pax if you have a credit card. 50 songs at $40. Now that is a deal. And even at $14.99 for 15 songs is OK. I bought 4 Napster cards and I still use p2p mind you. So I say try it you may even love it.

26.5.2004 4:39

Interesting, as this would be the Dixons who have just announced the closure of 130 of its high street stores in the UK!

36.5.2004 20:19

vudoo, you seem to be trying to promote the Napster ;) The deal does sound very irrestible, I mean $1 a song is pretty damn cheap, and I don't really care about the quality, as long as the artists that I love are getting paid. I mean I would rather pay $15 directly to an artist and then download their whole album off some P2P program. I'm not a guy that cares about albums and shit.

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