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InterVideo InstantON dual-boot delivers CE-like PC experience

Written by Lasse Penttinen @ 05 May 2004 8:44

InterVideo InstantON dual-boot delivers CE-like PC experience Intervideo's InstantON turns a regular PC into a remotely controllable multimedia device, with an user interface resembling typical consumer electronics products. The Linux based software should boot in a matter of seconds and the new multi-boot feature enables installations simultaneously with other OS's..
InterVideo InstantON is a modular solution that is a new concept in PC/CE convergence. InstantON delivers TV, radio, music, videos and burning to DVD with the fast, CE-like access and the remote control consumers expect. With InstantON, systems instantly spring to life with a push of the button. People can watch DVDs and home VCDs, browse photo albums, and listen to rich surround sound music or watch TV. With the advanced PVR capabilities, InstantON can be used for time-shifting TV programs so users can pause and replay live TV as well as record favorite shows for later viewing. The software is enhanced with basic editing and DVD burning tools that allow users to cut, merge and split recorded TV programs and videos. Edited videos can be quickly burned directly to a DVD disc for viewing in their living room, on their laptop or shared with family and friends.
Video clip: InstantOn3Sat01.wmv

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