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No Napster for Tennessee students

Written by Jari Ketola @ 03 May 2004 13:48 User comments (4)

No Napster for Tennessee students The Tennessee Board of Regents has rejected a proposal that would have imposed a mandatory Napster fee on all the students in the 45 schools represented by the board. The fee would have kept RIAA from suing the students, but at a staggeringly high price -- $9.99 per student per month.
According to calculations made by The Register, Tennessee students would have paid $1.8 per month for using Napster. Even though schools like Penn State and the University of Rochester have been able to reach financially lucrative deals with Napster, other schools can expect to pay alot more for the services.

Source: The Register

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4 user comments

13.5.2004 14:21

Forget about hunting down Al Qaeda, I think I found a new group who'd I'd like to kill.......

23.5.2004 15:12

More bullshit, students are always smart enough to find a way around this crap, I should know, he he. Even for a 2 cents per month deal I would say screw that and get music my own way. To much fooling around through Napster anyway.

33.5.2004 17:21

This is a good thing. Basically they were trying to force the students to pay an RIAA tax, a MANDATORY Napster subscription included in the tuition which would raise tuition costs even more regardless if you used the service or not. I think the Board of Regents did the right thing by not forcing additional costs onto the students. It's not a matter of finding a way around it, you would have to pay as part of your tuition whether you wanted to or not if they hadn't shot down the proposal.

46.5.2004 7:50

Can anybody say extortion?

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