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McDonald's to offer free music with meals

Written by Petteri Pyyny (Google+) @ 03 Jun 2004 14:48 User comments (5)

McDonald's to offer free music with meals Fast-food giant McDonald's has announced that they will start offering free music downloads from Sony's Sony Connect music service for American customers who purchase Big Mac Extra Value meals. The promotion is set to last between six and ten weeks in States. Company also plans to roll out the campaign in Europe later this year.
The annoucement comes after the deal was first rumoured back in March and confirms that McDonald's is taking seriously the latest trends in popular culture. More importantly, the move is, according to analysts, a clear sign that McDonald's is trying to break free from its "kids only" image that has been highlighted by the long strategic relationship McDonald's has had with Disney. McDonald's made its first ever loss last year and is trying to get slightly older consumers back to its restaurants and tapping into a trend that is popular with people in their late 20s and early 30s looks like a good start.

Bundling seems to be the key for music services to gather new users -- everybody knows about the disappointing deal that iTunes had with Pepsi. It is interesting to see what are the keys for online music services to try to gain ground in new market areas, such as Europe and Asia later this year.

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5 user comments

13.6.2004 19:09

Lovely. Now you can get some horrible top 40 to go with the horrible food.

23.6.2004 19:14

I'll eat to that.It beat the happy meals free toy.

33.6.2004 22:27

The music will mask the sound from the projectile vommiting that occurs after eating a McDonalds. I tend to flush the burger straight down the loo..thus cutting out the middle man.

Looking for my old AD

44.6.2004 18:21

When you don't have Harvey's nearby, you go to McDonalds.

55.6.2004 12:29

2 years after all our national papers started doing it now Mcdonalds.Are all the record shop's clearing out there old junk.At least the guy's my start getting proper subsadised dinners for swapping junk music for junk food.

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