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Yet another disposable DVD format announced

Written by Petteri Pyyny (Google+) @ 02 Jun 2004 15:13 User comments (18)

French company has announced that they have developed the first competitor to the notorious EZ-D discs made by American company, Flexplay.
So far Disney has been the only major movie studio to run trials with disposable DVDs and so far the consumer interest to the format has been rather limited. Both discs, EZ-D and the new French competitor, dubbed as DVD-D, are aimed to the DVD rental market, removing the need for consumers to return the discs back to the rental store and allowing movie distributors to extend the DVD rentals outside traditional rental stores, like BlockBusters, as there's no need to have the infrastructure to handle the returns.

Just like EZ-D, the DVD-D is compatible with existing DVD players and uses a chemical coating on the discs that can be pre-set to make the disc unreadable after pre-selected time period, typically between 8 and 24 hours.

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18 user comments

12.6.2004 17:45

Tap! Tap! Tap! all of you people that jumped on the bash americans(because we are wasteful) bandwagon have nothing to say now that the French are doing it too. This diposable media idea is just a waste of time and resources. D

22.6.2004 20:30

i think retarded is an apropriate adjective for this idea. its mind boggling. legislation is passed so quickly and without insight these days. some of it needs to be quickly directed at these extremely wasteful ideas. this time the enviroment is more important than the percieved finacial gains.

32.6.2004 20:33

Another load of global warming, environmentally-unfriendly discs. What a load of shit.

42.6.2004 21:52

Still, it'll be interesting to see how these things will compete with the EZ-D discs from Disney, which don't seem to have caught on in any big way at all. Frankly, I'd like to hear from anyone if they've had any luck with backing these things up. If I could find an EZ-D disc (they have been promised for sale here in Canada), I'd try my hand at it. With this new breed of suicide-disc, you only get 8 hours to do any "testing". I recommend an immediate FULL rip first, before you do anything else. I see only *one* title mentioned as "coming soon" on the official website. Although we are promised "700" titles in the near future, I would be very skeptical of *that* announcement. Haven't heard a whisper of support from the major Hollywood industry. This scheme just may disappear as quickly as it appeared. If anyone can manage to obtain one of these things (or an EZ-D disc), you might want to hang on to any original (printed) artwork that comes with the discs, in case they do prove "back-upable".

53.6.2004 2:51

If the coating is set to breakdown after a short time I suspect that is temperature dependant. Imagine the frustration if in a hot car the disc is unreadable by the time you get home (a possible solution to stick it in the freezer box)or it is broken down by sunlight that would be no good for tropical countries (OK for UK and France where is rains a lot)

63.6.2004 3:12

I believe the disc breaking down process is started by oxygen/nitrogen chemical reaction with the organic dye on the disc. So basically, it has to be opened to the air to start the breakdown process, hot car or not. The idea behind the discs is a sound one. If they are cost effective to manufacture, i dont know if they are, and if people do recycle them, then it should be a good idea. However, basically, it is not an environment saving strategy. I believe it is a copyright preventation strategy. Normal rental discs can be recycled when they have gotten past their usage anyway, and most movie rental places either recycle or sell on their discs. I really dont see the benefit to the environment or the rental industry in using these discs...

73.6.2004 14:47

Oriphus: I really dont see the benefit to the environment or the rental industry in using these discs... Neither do I, but the people who come up with the patented technology used to create these little disasters, stand to gain a lot if Hollywood takes a fancy to 'em. Myself, I just want to back a couple of them up, to be able to say I was able to. In another year or so, I can add them to my "hopelessly-outdated-and-failed-formats" collection, right along with my Elcassette, betamax, 5", 3-3/4 ips Ampex tape reels, 8-track & 4-track tape cartridge and RCA capacitance video disc displays!

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83.6.2004 19:01

The really funny thing is that the problem of returning movies has already been taken care of in a much better way. It's called the internet. No, I'm not talking about P2P. I'm talking about the 3 discs that Netflix sends to my house every week. Not only does it eliminate returning the DVDs, I don't even have to walk more than 50 feet to pick them up. I realize that it's not a solution for everybody, but come on. If you really think the future is disposable discs, the future has already passed you by. But don't worry, if you look out your window you should see it lapping you any time now.

94.6.2004 2:25

50 feet? My 15 discs a week from come straight in my front door, and the post box is right outside my house to re-post them. Its great. Yeah Klingy, i always think it was a real shame about Betamax. Hollywood runied that great make. Everyone knows that BEtamax was as cost effective and a lot higher quality with more features than VHS. Yet when Hollywood went ahead and released two blockbuster movies on VHS, the world thought.....hmmm.....better buy a VHS machine. Wonder how much the they paid hollywood for that. Poor Philips eh... Agree with the company standing to make a lot of money. I for one, feel that these discs will be able to be copied just as easily as other discs, if they can be read by a red laser (DVD players) then i dont see us not getting them to be read by DVD ROM. I presume that CSS encryption engines will be used.

104.6.2004 6:09

I'm counting walking from my bedroomn in the 50 feet.

Rich Fiscus
@Vurbal on Twitter
AfterDawn Staff Writer

114.6.2004 9:47

Yo....Chris...... They "promised" to make the EZ-D (Disney) discs available in Canada - haven't seen even one yet. However if I ever do, I'll pick up an extra one and give you a PM. <update> - Oh, I just thought of're a PAL kinda guy aren't you? The EZ-D discs here (if I ever find one), would only be in NTSC, and Region 1 at that. Rotten buggers! :-( (What the heck - I'll send it anyway). :-)

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124.6.2004 13:35

lol - yeah i dont think ill see them in the UK/Ireland for a long time. I can handle PAL or NTSC on all my systems, so it aint a worry. Thanks for the offer, appreciated buddy. I've been bugging Wilkes up in the Hi Res Audio format on multi-channel DVD-A. I get the feeling i mightve asked a stupid question lol Cheer Chris

134.6.2004 18:24

You know one day there's going to be a movie called, "The Day after Tomorrow 2: attack of the disposable discs"

145.6.2004 3:06

Or the day before yesterday might be the sequel ;-) I went to see that on thursday and asked the girl behind the desk for a ticket to see "Saturday". Had her well confused for a while lol Also, if any of you notice, while the TV is on in Scotland and they are listening to Man United playing football, the commentators are Paddy Crerand and Steve Bower...

155.6.2004 7:28

I don't understand why a video company would want to use a disposable disc when they make so much mony from late fees. Rental stores make a killing on late fees alone. And what about the poor blockbuster boy, I can just see it now, all the VHS tapes that he's gone to have to rewind.Poor bastard.

165.6.2004 19:33

The fact that rental companies are making so much money is the fact that its one of the best sources to a pirate. That's one true fact about it. Another fact is that you just don't want to wait until the TV shows Terminator 2. You want to watch it for the 50th time right now!

Everyone is entitled to their own true opinion. Either respect that or don't.

1715.6.2004 11:06

as a followup to this, i was pumpin gas and while going to pay found the "flex" CD's. ANd they are recylable...Your suppose to mail them off to be recycled. still...wasteful. We'll see if they are copyable or not. and For how long.

1830.9.2004 22:30

i would play mission impossible theme while the disc self destructs and get a smoke machine for the authentic effect :P or i'll just go and watch my movies in space, if it's the air that start the self destruction.

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