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Biometric authentication to media players?

Written by Petteri Pyyny (Google+) @ 04 Jun 2004 15:07 User comments (6)

Biometric authentication to media players? Biometric vendor Veritouch that also supplies materials to the U.S. government, has together with Swedish design company Thinking Materials developed a wireless media player that uses biometric security.
The concept is based on media files that can be only played by a user that is authenticated with his/her fingerprint scan, thus extending the current DRM capabilities beyong device-based authentication. According to Veritouch, they have shown the prototype, dubbed as iVue, to the representatives of RIAA and MPAA already.

The possibilities of restricting user access to media files that he/she owns even further by using biometric authentication are rather horrifying. Want to play your brother's CD? Get him to your car first to authenticate the playback with his fingerprint..

Source: The Register

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6 user comments

14.6.2004 18:20

Jesus. Is the world going to turn like Minority Report some day?

25.6.2004 9:26

This is so not going to work its kinda funny

35.6.2004 18:39

Even big corporations have some complete idiots working for them. OMG what are these people thinking? Hey I have a idea.... why dont they just start making all media on extremly small ear buds. You know, you buy a earbud of a song, so then that way no one else but you can hear it. Yea, that will work. OMG, before long that is how these idiots will be thinking.

45.6.2004 21:10

Get him to your car first to authenticate the playback with his fingerprint..
Cut his finger off and keep it. No biggie.

56.6.2004 11:35

dum, da, dum, dum....DUUUMMMBBBBB!

613.6.2004 13:17

the black market will become filled with bootleg fingers.

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