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MediaREADY 4000 is media ready

Written by Lasse Penttinen @ 04 Jun 2004 9:02 User comments (1)

MediaREADY 4000 is media ready The PC is pushing into the living room, but disguised as a "dvd player". Meet the Linux based MediaREADY 4000 that promises to fill your living room with a flood of cross-media content: DVD/MPEG-2/MPEG-4 playback, still photos, e-mail, WWW, karaoke and of course CD/MP3 audio features. And on top of it, the device is of course ethernet and USB2.0 connected.
This kind of products always make me wonder the stability of the software that they utilize...
MediaReady™ 4000 is the first commercial product based on CAC Media's MediaReady Convergence Software Suite (MCSS). It is a product that combines complete PC functionalities and strong Consumer Electronic (CE) capabilities. Technically MediaReady 4000 is a computer and an advanced DVD player bundled together in one box in a form factor of a DVD player that suits to the living room environment. The product connects to the TV, Stereo, home network and Internet and brings the best of all in one harmonious play.
Source: Video Without Boundaries, Inc.

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1 user comment

17.6.2004 12:44

Yeah brilliant idea, sounds good, but whats new? Kiss Technology, Umax, etc.. have been at it for years. With the added email feature and Linux base, how much extra will we have to pay? Is it realy going to be worth it?

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