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European song-swappers settle out of court

Written by Jari Ketola @ 08 Jun 2004 15:36 User comments (3)

European song-swappers settle out of court Out of the 200 people sued by the International Federation of Phonographic Industries (IFPI) in Europe eighteen have settled their case out of court. Seventeen of those are from Denmark, and one from Germany.
The IFPI has been suing European song-swappers since March, and since then, for instance, 30 people have been prosecuted in Italy, and 88 in Denmark. According to IFPI 23 more Danish cases are currently benign negotiated out of court.

The number of illegal swapping has dropped by 30% from last year -- thanks to litigation and legal music download services, says IFPI.

The IFPI is looking to file more lawsuits in other western European countries, such as France and United Kingdom.

Source: BBC

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3 user comments

19.6.2004 9:27

By the way I wnt to make a general question. For a long time my father, even before my birth, was collecting rare vinyl disks spending fortunes for special orders and prints. It is illegal for him and me also to transfer the tracks to a cd or not? May be the firms should provide the cd's for a fair - small fee (price of aluminium, cd cover and jewell box cover) sibce the rights are already payed with the purchase of the original disk for the firm and the artist as well! ................................

29.6.2004 12:33

Love to know where they got their figures from. More than likely that the shared files have gone back to IRC and FTP rather than using mass sharing media such as Kazzaa ect, doesn't mean there has been a downfall in downloads in my opinion.

310.6.2004 8:52

owwww not europe now

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