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Blank media levy to be considered in Australia

Written by Petteri Pyyny (Google+) @ 14 Jun 2004 13:45 User comments (2)

Blank media levy to be considered in Australia Various organizations representing Australian music artists, music retailers, radio stations and other music industry groups have submitted a proposal to Australian Federal Government asking the government to introduce a blank media levy to Australia and to loosen the copyright legislation in the country to allow music copying for personal use.
The levy fee scheme is well-known in various countries, such as Canada and Finland, where consumers are allowed to make personal copies of CDs (in most countries, even without owning the CD) and to download tracks from P2P networks legally. Obviously distribution copyrighted material to large audiences without a permission, such as sharing files via P2P networks, would be still illegal.

Not surprisingly, the only large organization opposing the proposed amendment to the legilation is the Australian equivalent of the RIAA, the Australian Record Industry Association (ARIA).

Also, it should be noted that however nice the "copy freely as you pay it in blank media prices" system sounds, at least in Europe the basis of it has been destroyed already -- the levy remains on blank media, but circumventing technical copy protection mechanisms found on many current audio CDs is nowadays illegal (or will be soon, as the last remaining EU countries implement the EUCD to their own legislation), even for personal use. So, recording industry basically doubles the profits -- they collect levy on blank media, but also make it illegal to copy CDs..

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2 user comments

115.6.2004 9:24

Well nice going. Too bad the system, as dRD pointed out, has been or is going to be raped by the industry and their lobbyists. Maybe this would be a nice job for the EFF; point out to the legislators that the levy is still in place even though copy-protection mechanisms and anti-duplication laws are making their way into our lives.

222.6.2004 14:28

Not a problem. A great deal of blank media in Australia is sold in weekend computer markets. That's where I buy mine because it's much cheaper than retail stores. Most of the vendors are our Asian citizens who import goods directly or use wholesalers operated by fellow ex-pats. It's strictly cash. It's cash only so they avoid charging VAT (called GST here). They won't have the slightest trouble with a media levy - they'll just ignore it. Many of these vendors also have high street shops but prices, although still keen, are higher that the markets. The reasons are obvious.

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