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Real offers 'unlimited' movie downloads for $12.95

Written by Lasse Penttinen @ 14 Jun 2004 11:41 User comments (2)

Real offers 'unlimited' movie downloads for $12.95 The joint effort of Starz Encore, a cable TV film supplier, and Real Networks is now offering a movie pay-per-download service. The downloads are unlimited with a decent $12.95 monthly fee, but the selection of movies is limited to 100 movies which are rotated monthly.
The movies will only be playable when viewed through the RealNetworks Realplayer which has basic copy protection and some DRM rules to prevent subsequent copying. Its seems likely that the service is really effectively a video rental transaction and that permanent copies of the film will not be allowed.
... The original deal is a five year exclusive deal between the two where they share revenue, which means that Starz cant change its mind and offer Microsoft Windows Media Player files, for at least another three years.Source: ReThink

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2 user comments

114.6.2004 12:55

The new napster i can handle BUT THIS, OHH COME ON, its ridiculous, this to me is not a way to reduce level of movie downloads but a way for REAL to earn some cheap dollar!!!!

215.6.2004 9:17

To me this sounds like a step in the right direction of offering electronic movie 'rentals'. A selection of 100 movies is pretty limited considering there are a lot of different people with different tastes in movies. Hopefully Starz Encore and Real will increase the selection. Personally I dont really watch movies on my PC anymore, not since I finally got my TV hooked up to it (no stand-alone DVD-player yet). I dont really watch movies anymore, period. No time.

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