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DVD Forum approves DualDisc format

Written by Petteri Pyyny (Google+) @ 15 Jun 2004 13:48 User comments (4)

DVD Forum approves DualDisc format DVD Forum, the organization that controls the development of official DVD standards, has approved a new format called DualDisc. The format is aimed to compete against the SACD audio disc format developed by Sony and Philips.
DualDisc is basically a disc that has a DVD-Audio content on the other side of the disc and regular audio CD on the other side of the disc. The aim is to create a format that would allow record labels to produce DVD-Audio compatible discs, that provide far better audio quality than regular CDs, while maintaining the backwards compatibility to traditional CD players.


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4 user comments

115.6.2004 22:17

what a shame. how the hell does the dvd forum expect the dualdisc to compete with sacd? the quality of sacd is FAR FAR FAR better than dvd audio will ever be. the sample rate of dvd audio is 192,000 samples per second. the sample rate of sacd is over 1.4 millions samples per second. hmmm, which one is better?

21.7.2004 8:30

djscoop - you are incorrect... SACD is a ONE bit system whereas DVD-A is 24 bit. This is why SACD has trouble with frequencies over 8000khz, while DVD-A is clearly more capable of being the best choice for archivists. There is an article (rather lengthy) that fully describes the fidelity mechanics and calculations... I will post back when I find it for you.

31.7.2004 9:17

yes yes, I know. I've already has a lengthy discussion with several other people over was on this forum... they seem to have disappeared

41.7.2004 9:23

Sorry - didn't see that... DVD-A really does sound quite close though, to my untrained ear.

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