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iTunes launched in the UK, Germany and France

Written by Petteri Pyyny (Google+) @ 15 Jun 2004 8:57

iTunes launched in the UK, Germany and France Apple's iTunes has finally arrived to the old continent, even though the service is available only in three European countries at this stage. However, Apple announced also today that it will launch a European Union -wide version of its service in October, making the online music service available to users of all 25 EU member states.
As expected, iTunes pricing is higher in Europe compared to the original American version. In States, each song costs $0.99 (0.54, 0.82), but in countries using the euro, each song costs 0.99 ($1.20, 0.66). Highest price is however in the UK, each song in iTunes UK costs 0.79 ($1.44, 1.19).

iTunes' European music library contains over 700,000 songs and carries an established brand name, which should make it much easier for Apple to emulate its American success also in Europe.

Source: Apple press release

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