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First copy protected CD tops U.S. charts

Written by Jari Ketola @ 18 Jun 2004 14:24 User comments (36)

First copy protected CD tops U.S. charts For the first time since the introduction of copy protected CDs (or non-standard 12cm plastic discs, as I like to call them) one of them has managed to top the United States album charts. According to Nielsen SoundScan figures, "Contraband" by Velvet Revolver was the #1 album in the U.S. last week.
The album, released by BMG, uses MediaMax copy protection, and the protection is also clearly marked on the album cover. MediaMax isn't actually a copy protection at all. When you insert an MediaMax protected CD in a Windows or Max OS X computer it will automatically install a device driver on your computer, which detects when audio CDs are being ripped, and distorts the audio. Systems running, for instance, Linux or older versions of Mac OS are not affected at all. Windows (and probably Max OS X) users can "bypass" the protection simply by disabling autorun.

Obviously BMG sees the success of the album as a sign that people accept the copy protection. That is, of course, probably the most naive conclusion in the history of logic. If the consumer doesn't have an alternative, and wants to buy the album by former members from Stone Temple Pilots and Guns 'Roses, maybe he or she buys the copy protected album? Should there have been both a copy protected and a standard Audio CD available on the market, then you could perhaps make some conclusions about the acceptance of copy protection. To make things interesting, BMG could have priced the standard CD a buck more expensive.

Unlike many other CD copy protection systems, MediaMax doesn't feature any artificial, physical defects, so the CDs should be playable on most CD players on the market. Just remember to hit the shift-key when inserting one in your PC.


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36 user comments

118.6.2004 14:57

Windows (and probably Max OS X) users can "bypass" the protection simply by disabling autorun.
Just remember to hit the shift-key when inserting one in your PC.
lol, maybe thats why people are "accepting" the new type of media.

218.6.2004 19:11

velvet revolver? im a true blue american and ive never heard of them. anyway- making it so you cant rip cds? isnt that illegal? i mean what if i own a cd and just want a compressed version for backup, an mp3 player, or compalation album?

318.6.2004 19:28

When you insert an MediaMax protected CD in a Windows or Max OS X computer it will automatically install a device driver on your computer
Isnt that a privacy violation? Not that it affects me as i format way too often but still.....

418.6.2004 19:52

you must not be a guns n roses or a stone temple pilots fan if you don't know velvet revolver

518.6.2004 19:58

velvet revolver? im a true blue american and ive never heard of them. [/qoute] they are the old "Gun's and Rose's" band without AXL, instead of AXL, the lead singer is (I don't know his name)--- the leader singer from the "Stone Temple Pilots"

618.6.2004 20:01


718.6.2004 20:22

That can not be leagl.I never thought I would say this."But is there alawyer in the house"????

818.6.2004 20:31

I thought we were allowed to make a "legal backup" of our CDs or DVDs. If I knew I couldn't back up a CD there's no way in hell I'd buy it. And you're right, Praetor, I talked my Uncle who's a lawyer and he says it is illegal for hardware or software to automatically install drivers or files without accepting terms, just like you have to when you accept to installin P2P software that installs tons of adware and spyware. I think its time that the RIAA got sued and gets a taste of their own medicine!!

918.6.2004 20:52

forgive my stupidity, i only skimmed the article or id have relized that.

1019.6.2004 0:07

This is bullshit. This CD is no.1 because it's the new band of 3 Guns'N'Roses members (Slash, Duff and Matt Sorum) and Stone Temple Pilot's ex-frontman Scott Weiland. Except that the CD is awesome, with great hard rock songs that are ment to be played loud. Also it has a great advertising campaine, and there was so much hype for the band that these album was probably the most awaited one in the rock/metal music scene. So just shut up BMG and MediaMax because Scott is going to kick you *** if he finds out you use the success of the album to advertise, you shitty copy protection, which is so simple to break even for a 10 year old kid. Plus it sounds ilegal as it installs stuff without asking you. I think we had enough with MPAA and RIAA and all that kind of stuff.

1119.6.2004 6:14

i say we all get some guns and solve this problem on our own. we could form our own resistance army or something.

1219.6.2004 6:45

How about you get the roses and I'll get the guns. I kill them, you place a rose on their coffin. If what they say is true, that it installs something on your computer, then doesn't it count as spyware/adaware? Lavasoft needs to upgrade their reference files again ;) I consider this news article a joke because it's like saying, Britney Spears is in the number one spot because people like dumb blond bitches.

1319.6.2004 11:45

I'm with you on that djscoop.

1419.6.2004 13:23

Do not buy this CD or go to shows.Tell eveyone you know.I think this band is amazing.It sucks they could be involved in this kind of B.S.If this band has the kind of balls the claim to have.They will stand up to this insanity.This seems more like something Axl would have gone for.Not these guys.

1519.6.2004 14:18

Any ideas on who Bush will make Copy Czar?Seems like a logical next move.Since,MPAA,RIA seem to have the government in their corners.Look at 321.It is stilll agov 4 the people,by the people.I wonder how much money the Industry has wasted on copy protect?Starting to resemble the drug war.There's irony in action,on many levels.

1619.6.2004 14:58

does anybody know if there's a list of other CDs coming out (or already out) that are going to be copyrighted? that way we can start boycotting them before they come out, not after.

1719.6.2004 15:17

well just to screw with them, go and download this one. :)- its an amazing album, and i didnt buy it :)

1819.6.2004 15:19

where'd you get it from? every song I've DL'd from that album is corrupted or something else

1919.6.2004 16:15

"MediaMax isn't actually a copy protection at all. When you insert an MediaMax protected CD in a Windows or Max OS X computer it will automatically install a device driver on your computer, which detects when audio CDs are being ripped, and distorts the audio".Does this mean any cd or just the one with protection?Does any one out ther own this cd that can attest?If you do,does it ask you at any point to accept?Starting to think I may have misunderstood.Oops!

2020.6.2004 13:20

Designed to stop the kazzaa users, because that's all it will do Lol.

2120.6.2004 13:37

Dear sid; Could you please explain?Do you own it?etc...

2220.6.2004 17:27

There is nothing in the article that talks about put a "signature" or something on the songs if you rip them so, it won't stop it from getting shared on kazaa

2321.6.2004 11:08

Huhm... Im currently in a hectic debate with myself over if its worth paying 39 euros to (maybe) go see them live. I really like their music, but is a show which I might, or might not, get into worth 39 euros?

2421.6.2004 11:44

I think a band is only worth supporting if you like their music AND like what they stand for. In this case, I like the band, but I don't like them letting the RIAA walk all over their album. So for me, I won't be buying their CD or going to their concerts until they stick up for themselves. If they support this cd copy protection scam, then shame on them. They're worse than Axl's dred locks.

2521.6.2004 12:25

Here here.Those are braided extentions,not dreds.Don't spend any money on this band!This is the only way to stand up.

2622.6.2004 0:25

Actually all the big recording companies use a copy protection in their CDs nowadays, I don't understand why you blame the band for that.

2722.6.2004 2:01

This does not sound like run of the mill protection.

2822.6.2004 5:47

its not like the guys asked the RIAA to put this protection on, the record company probobly didnt even tell them about it. i mean once the company buys the rights to the music they can do whatever they want to the cd. its not there fault at all.

2922.6.2004 8:30

I don't think I've bought a single RIAA supported CD or been to a concert since they started this crap. For the old music that was already licensed by a band its not their fault. Anything new a band puts out under copy protectection, screw em I would download their songs under annon. IP if they put out anything worth my time before I'd by a frigged CD.

3022.6.2004 8:51

A band with the hottest album in the country has plenty of pull.To help stop this kinda crap.A band is ultimatly responsible for its product.At least to its fan base.Sounds like some of you like to take things lying down.Stand up!

3122.6.2004 9:12

sounds like some of you are taking this too seriously and directing your anger toward the wrong people...

3222.6.2004 10:16

I agree. It's a bloody copy protection, I believe that ALL CDs coming from the big companies have a copy protection, I don't know how this one could be different. Saying that you buy a CD considering if it's copy protected or not is bullshit. You should judge the music. BTW, most artists think that copy protection should be there, as they do not want you to hear to their music without them being paid. I don't care if you like this or not but I believe that an artist should live from his music, and to do that he needs to sell CDs. If his company tells him that he will sell more using a copy protection (which is true, as more people do not have the knowledge to break the protection and burn the CD for their friend) they will do it. (The truth is that they are not asked about that). Just for the end I want to say that I do not support RIAA, I believe that copy protections are shit because they won't let you copy the CD for legal use, but this band is great and it's not worth judging them for the copy protection thing instead of their music.

3322.6.2004 10:38

i take back what i said about this being an "amazing" album. i downloaded it to see all the hype, and there are SOME good songs on it (like illegal i song) but about 2/3 of the cd is garbage... i said it was amazing after only hearing the first 4 songs...

3422.6.2004 14:46

Which of your rights do you allow to be trampled on daily?My guess is alot.NO anger just thoughts.Have agreat day.

3522.6.2004 16:33

My question here is, does the disc tell you in anyway that it will be installing this copy protection software onto your system? If not, would that not be considered a type of virus and therefore be illegal to market commercially? Does anyone else think that maybe this might be just a little bit illegal? Stepping off my soap box now....thank you P2P Rules!!!!!

3622.6.2004 16:55

i dunno, i dont have the physical cd

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