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RIAA sues yet another 482 P2P users

Written by Petteri Pyyny (Google+) @ 22 Jun 2004 14:52 User comments (13)

RIAA sues yet another 482 P2P users I don't know whether this can be considered even a news topic anymore, but more of a regular death toll update for an on-going war. Anyway, Recording Industry Association of America has sued yet another 482 P2P users in the United States for illegally distributing copyrighted music over the P2P networks.
This time the cases were filed in St. Louis (total of 213 cases), Washington D.C. (206 cases), Denver (55 cases) and New Jersey (6 cases). As always since the appeals court order in December, RIAA was forced to sue the users as "John Does" as it can't obtain their identity details before it has sued them.

After these lawsuits, the RIAA jihad has so far dragged 3,429 P2P users to court in the United States.

Source: Forbes

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13 user comments

124.6.2004 9:35

3.4k people is a minor, MINOR, fraction of the P2P users. I feel pity for them since they got unlucky. Thing is, I don't view this as much as a "death toll", when thousands of starving children in Africa are dying. (We had a little chat about this the other day in IRC) I view this as how pathetic the RIAA is. The more they pump resources into this vain fight, the more I shake my head. All those resources could be used for Third World Countries. You may not agree with me, but let's face it: You cannot win against technology. You have to adapt, like the Borg.

224.6.2004 11:56

Another 482 mostly old people and little kids.

326.6.2004 16:15

Before washington considers pouring resources into P2P cases regarding music they should pour money into tracking down all the child pornographers on the internet. A simple search on P2P can turn up as much kid porn as music, so why are we spending so much money prosecuting people for the music industry's deep pockets when we could instead be tracking down all the threats of our future generations. 3 in 5 girls are victims of child abuse before they reach 18 and 2 in 5 for boys.

427.6.2004 19:34

LOL There gonna sue everybody have fun sue me dam bet your court cost are gonna be heavy..

51.7.2004 7:12

I am so sick of the stupid RIAA. In fact, this whole country is sue happy. Sue for this and sue for that. What's wrong with everybody, is their mind warped or what? I'm not against paying for a song but not everyone has a credit card to pay for the songs they want. So we do the next thing and use P2P. The suckers will have to catch me first.

63.7.2004 23:46

2 words... 1. bullshit 2. IP-blocker wait a minute...are hyphenated words considered one or two words? oh well, how about 2 1/2.

75.7.2004 18:16

Does anyone here know how RIAA is collecting? If they were "forced to sue the users as "John Does"...", then who is actually being forced to pay for these infractions? And if they "can't obtain their identity details before it has sued them." then aren't they just trying to recuperate losses based on speculations and bar graphs? Just goes to show how big business does business - functioning within the imaginary zone of "projected earnings". What's the real deal?

88.7.2004 21:07

I agree, this sucks....the RIAA has already lots of money, but seems that is not enoguh, they want more and more......God bless who cretaed the p2p.... and while people in africa earn 1 dolar per day for surviving the RIAA wants more and more.........noone can spot 2p2 ....i dont support the piracy but i think they have made enough money and p2p survive with our support

928.7.2004 20:35

Try this...don't buy a dvd or cd for the next few months (for a start) Tell everyone you know. See how long they keep sueing people without any income to pay their lawyers. The RIAA's not starving, they are just being greedy using scare tactics to frighten the masses into shutting down their P2P's.

1028.7.2004 20:46

Fuckin RIAA i'm sick of them, I AM NOT GONNA BUY A FREAKING ORIGINAL CD IN MY LIFE.....we make them rich and they call us thiefs.....

1129.7.2004 16:42

FUCK THE GREEDY RIAA. I will not buy any form of pre-recorded music until THE BULLSHIT STOPS!!!!!

127.8.2004 12:56

So far is it only occuring in US or are there any cases in UK or other countries aswell?

1317.11.2004 13:29

RIAA equivalent in UK is "BPI (British Phonographic Industry)" who are reportedly gathering evidence to take action against major uploaders.

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