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U.S. Senate passes PIRATE act bill

Written by Jari Ketola @ 30 Jun 2004 13:49 User comments (30)

U.S. Senate passes PIRATE act bill The U.S. Senate has passed the PIRATE Act bill, which raised several concerns when it was proposed. The Protecting Intellectual Rights Against Theft and Expropriation (PIRATE) Act of 2004 allows the Department of Justice to file civil lawsuits against alleged copyright pirates. Up until now the copyright holders have had to file the lawsuits themselves.
Electronic Frontier Foundation (EFF), and many others, see the PIRATE bill as a lobbying victory of the recording industry, whose only purpose is to make the taxpayers fund their quest against P2P piracy. P2P United executive director Adam Eisgrau said that "The recording industry needs to find a way to turn the 60 million U.S. residents who have used file-sharing software into customers, instead of regarding them as criminals."

The bill still has to be passed by the House and signed by President George Bush to become a law. It was introduced in March, and moved to the Senate floor without a hearing.


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30 user comments

130.6.2004 17:37

I don't think I could put it any better than Adam Eisgrau said - "The recording industry needs to find a way to turn the 60 million U.S. Residents who have used file-sharing software into customers, instead of regarding them as criminals." The RIAA needs to accept the fact that they got outstmarted, and accept that people don't want to shell out as much doe for one album as they have to for one DVD.

230.6.2004 17:42

hopefully the house will not pass this bill. i would think a bill like this would pass the senate easier than it would the house. maybe if it stalls, the elections will be over before it even made it to the president's desk. when was the last time a law was passes to authorize the federal government of the US to go after 60 million americans with civil lawsuits? why is the government going to foot the bill for suing citzens in CIVIL court? thats outragous, and again, maybe the house will see the greed this bill represents and vote it down.

330.6.2004 19:03

Not too long ago, when AD reported this bill would be put up for a vote, there were many of us who thought this would never pass. Now some of us think/hope it won't make it through the Congress. That is probably just wishful thinking. Then there is the matter of the "Inducement..." bill which also "won't pass" according to some of us at AD. When are we going to wake up?

430.6.2004 19:12

I think a better question is not "when are we going to wake up", but rather what are we going to do about it. There IS power in numbers.....

530.6.2004 21:11

No, djscoop, I really meant: when are we going to wake up? I believe that too many of us are still sleeping peacefully, dreaming that 'it won't get that bad..., that these laws just won't pass..., that the world has bigger problems to tackle than to worry about P2P's and internet 'copyright infringement, that cooler heads will prevail..., etc...' Yes, we could have the numbers on our side but we don't have the belief, the will or the Dollars... I just hope that technology will outpace any regulation or legislation. But even that is only a hope and no better than the wishful thinking mentioned above. I am worried.

630.6.2004 21:27

I agree, but if we all sit around being worried, then we will really be at a loss. I've been worried since Metallica sued Napster, but being worried is not going to change anything. Its easy to lose hope because 99% of us don't have the power to change anything about the laws happening. We may not have the power to fight the RIAA, but we do have the power to use technology and create better, "safer" and more powerful programs that no law can touch. If you have the power to do something, anything, then do it. If you don't, then at least hope or have faith. Okay, I'm starting to sound like this is a cult...I'll stop ranting now.

71.7.2004 9:35

Here's a thought. If this bill actually does pass the House, and gets signed into law by the president, how likely is the DOJ to actually use it? Like any other government agency, their tasks greatly exceed their resourses and they have to prioritize. How high of a priority will it become for the government to pursue civil lawsuits against copyright pirates. My guess is that the only time they will devote the resources to pursue those types of suits is if they "nab a big fish", i.e. get evidence on someone downloading thousands of files and selling them for a profit type of thing. They will have neither the inclination nor the resources to try to prosecute the "little guys".

81.7.2004 10:25

djscoop, here's another thought. You agree that "The recording industry needs to find a way to turn the 60 million U.S. Residents who have used file-sharing software into customers". Haven't they already, though? Just in the last couple of years, legal on-line music services have sprung up, such as iTunes and the new Napster. These services came into being in direct response to the illegal activity going on in illegal file sharing. Now you can legally buy music by the track with all of the convenience of on-line availability. And these sites operate with the permission of the RIAA. It seems to me like they ARE responding to the desires of their customers. Just don't ever expect them to give it away for free; don't forget they are in business to make money.

91.7.2004 11:34

what they should do is lower cd prices and give more of the profits to the actual artists. than more ppl will buy more cds again. steve 0759 is right, it would take forever and cost billions to actualy persue and procecute each individual. they wouldnt even bother with causual downloaders, theyd spend more time going after "big fish" it would be inpractical and stupid to go after every individual.

101.7.2004 12:16

yes, there are pay sites like napster 2.0 and itunes, but i was referring to the fact that the RIAA doesn't think anybody wants to buy cds anymore and everybody wants to download. if cd prices were lower, like 12 bucks each for new music, then they wouldn't have such a problem. but its hard to want to buy music when the new beastie boys album retails for $18.99, but a new dvd retails for under $17.

111.7.2004 13:13

>>>shh! dont say that or the bastards will keep cd prices the same and raise dvd prices!<<< LOL

121.7.2004 13:29

oops....didn't mean to spill the beans....hehe

131.7.2004 13:53

I though the whole 99 cents per track idea was great! Of course I'm not a beastie boys fan, so I don't know if their new album is available on iTunes yet.

142.7.2004 12:19

All I can say is this really stinks to high heaven :-(

152.7.2004 18:29

I don't think it will pass the house, the house is a little more liberal (as in not as strict, I don't mean liberal as in politically) than senate. Senate's &%$#ed up right now. I don't think President Bush would sign this either. And as anothe rperson said on here, the DOJ won't bother to even use this law. They are more concerned with other issues.

163.7.2004 14:17

History has shown that if they have a law they will use it. The RIAA is not lining all of those pockets to get a bill past with no further plans to forge ahead. And again it is the little guy they go after - that’s the path of least resistance. It does work to write one's representative - true we may not have money but they can't get to the money if they're not in office. I have emailed my Senators and representative often these past two years and have found that they respond to organization and numbers. I will write on this issue as well.

173.7.2004 14:33

yes the whole world is corrupt, why dont you guys get out of your caves and stop making conspiracy theroies. it would coast billions if not TRILLIONS to catch individuals. our government has millions of more important things to do than to waste money we dont have and resourses we need doing something else.

183.7.2004 22:12

Lol, I'll write my senators, but I definetly wouldn't email 'em on something like this.

194.7.2004 6:39

these laws are just brought up by old farts that dont use computers and dont know whats going on.

204.7.2004 6:54

What a lousy thing to have to think about for my US friends when celebratating the 4th ... Happy July 4th to all anyway :-) Rob Canada

214.7.2004 8:44

Good catch, lazygig, I think I'll use snail-mail myself!!!lol


2217.7.2004 12:48

They want to go after E V E R Y O N E!!! Don't be foolish. Now as far as getting cheap music, you can buy an entire CD for less the $1 but the RIAA does not want you to know about these sites. And guess what folks it is leagel. Just go to to get all of your songs at a real cheap price. you don't need Napster or Itunes, or Sony Connect. But you can rest ashure that the RIAA will try like hell to stop these russian sites with the full force of the corrupt law. Don't just think that the Gvt will let this go. As with DVD Xcopy it was made illegal. However it is available for FREE on warez sites and crack sites. And some of us know about the sites in Palistine. They could have made it legal but put a media tax on blank DVD's to fund the artists. We have been making copies of TV Shows and Movies from HBO, CINEMAX, and even rented VHS tapes by connecting two VCR's together and giving our friends the copies for over 28 years and still the Movie industry has been making billions of dollars on movies. The reason that our rights are being taken away is because of people reading this forum not doing anything accept allowing others to do their dirty work for them. Lazyness is just as bad as the lawmakers passing laws in front of your nose. I've been to Washington DC just a few days ago but I've not seen any protests against the RIAA. it is sad to say that the american people will be taken over by corproate creed and the Christian belief system. Christians have trying to kill off us REAL people who practice Mataphysics and believe in the gods of Sita, Ram, Honuman, and Hari Krishna instead of Jeasus, Jahova, and the so-called holy spirit. And of corse the egotistical male believes there is no female god. Well there is and her name is Sita. So kill off Christianity and you will have a better world.

2317.7.2004 14:33

WOW - That's a mouth-full. Agree with the part about not being active and not protecting our rights, but not sure it's as simple as pure laziness. JV

2417.7.2004 21:27

I for one will not become one of the 60 million paying customers! I wasn't before the internet and I would rather just go without then pay those prices. I look at it like why would THEY pay someone like Britney or tiger $50 millions dollars to do a minute add and then turn to us smucks and charge us $1.25 for a 20 oz soda? If their individual products are worth buying people are going to buy them period! It would make more sense to me if they spent less time worring over advertising and use that time/money towards profecting their products. And charging us smucks less money for the products. As far as music goes If they shut down the file sharing altogther, then so be it. That wouldn't make me into a customer, I can do without a $18.99 cd, I'll just buy a nice bottle of wine or something and make my own music! Sorry for my rant! But this topic can be extended to Athletes, movie stars, and popular politicians. This people aren't curing cancer!

2526.8.2004 10:17

Anyone who absolutely needs thousands of mp3's couldn't possibly listen to them all in an entire lifetime or they are just totally obsessed and should get professional help. Anyone else is probably an entertainer like a DJ that will make money from playing music and should not have a gripe about paying a small monthly fee to access songs. Solution: For $9.99/mo. subscribe to Real Rhapsody internet radio (or another service}. You can choose any song at any time and make your own play lists. If you need to copy, just record it to your hard drive. Sure it takes a few minutes to record however, by the time you weed through all the bad files you download for free, it will actually take less time. Good deal considering you could get 100's of hours of music for less than the cost of a few CD's.

2628.8.2004 14:47

GOOD EVENING MR. MAGOO 5- and all ships at sea he! HE! Why don't the record companies just start their own download service- instead of a per song payment -not going to succeed ! customers would pay a licensing fee - per month ,year or whatever and download what you want- as much as you want ! like they liscense radio stations to play songs- not to be confused with the radio stations FCC license! - I would join that service. I do'nt thibk we'll see this either for one reason GREED!! or in the interim you can record internet radio or several other options . (I'm not a light switch you know) bigtoxy69- peace

2728.8.2004 23:10

I do subscribe to Rhapsody and you can record the songs from the sound card using Raplay Radio or Advanced Mp3/WMA recorder. With Replay Radio you can hit the REC button and hit play on Rhapsocy and let your song play. Then you can record what ever comes from Rhapsody. When you press STOP from the rhapsocy the Replay Radio interface doesn't alwase detect that.

2829.8.2004 13:01

vudoo I hate to be the bearer of bad news but you don't need any other recording software other than a simple windows-based recorder that is usually included with your sound card software. And, most will now allow you to save in mp3 format. I did go take a look at the Replay Radio web site and I agree that it's "A Cool Tool for Radio Lovers" and am impressed with the database of 650 shows and 906 stations however, I prefer more control over what I want to listen to and record, that is why I am happy with a subscription service which allows you to create play lists of individual songs. On-The-Lighter-Side The glitch with your stop control... Just another fine example of modern technology!

This message has been edited since its posting. Latest edit was made on 29 Aug 2004 @ 13:03

2929.8.2004 13:33

God Dang it you totally missed my point. Im not telling you to use the Radio stations in Replay Radio. I am telling you do do the following: 1. Subscribe to Rhapsody. You can go to Best buy and by a pre paid subscription package for $24.95 for 3 months. 2. Download Raplay Radio and Register it one way or another get my drift??? 3. Load Rhpsody 4. Load Replay Radio and set it to record Mp3s and set the path to where you want to files to go. It will always say MY Show and the date but you can change the name of the file later. 5. Search for the artist and song you want to RIP from Rhapsody (Without their knowledge). 6. Press Quick Record on Replay Radio. 7. Press Play on rhapsody. 8. When song is done playing press stop recording on Replay Radio. 9. 9 Use Winamp to rename the ID3 tag after you change the file to your liking ie: Creed My sacrifice. And that is it you are done. Replay Radio cuts off the silence before and after the file ends. Do this for every song you want and youll have tens of thousands of Mp3s without the need for p2p and the RIAA thinks theyve won when indeed we have.

3029.9.2004 22:29

Here is a plan. I will promise to never use a P2P network to file share if... 1.)If media corporations promise to lower the prices of thier over-priced media. And I don't mean dropping the price by a fraction of a dollar either! As we all know, making DVD is cheap. Always has been. This big-f@#kers set the market price for their products and they alwasy go up. 2.)Film studios have to promise to release ONE version of a film. And if they ever release a film and then later come out with a "Special Version" (thank you George jack-ass Lucas - we all have him to thank for that) That they must exchange my version for the new one for little to no cost to me. That is just a couple ideas - please feel free to add to it. Could be fun

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