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Amazon and Microsoft team to bring Indie to HD-DVD

Written by Dave Horvath @ 03 Jul 2004 10:23 User comments (1)

Amazon and Microsoft team to bring Indie to HD-DVD In a joint venture announced recently to help independent filmmakers to enjoy the spotlight of the emerging HD-DVD technology, Microsoft has partnered with to use their CustomFlix subsidiary in producing some 1000 Indie titles. Spurred by CustomFlix's DVD On Demand service which authors and stamps a fresh DVD only when an order is placed is said to help these independent film artists with costs associated with releasing films on HD-DVD.
Vice President of music and movies for Amazon Peter Faricy stated, "This collaboration with Microsoft is a great opportunity for independent filmmakers to reach Amazon customers with their films via the HD DVD format. By working together with Microsoft and leveraging the proven CustomFlix DVD on Demand model, we can lower the barriers to entry for independent filmmakers and dramatically increase the selection we offer our customers."

CustomFlix, which is a company owned by Amazon, will be at the forefront of the DVD availability. By eliminating the cost of inventory, their DVD On Demand service will usher in independent filmmakers into a realm that some may not have been able to enter before. Co-founder and managing director of CustomFlix, Dana LoPiccolo-Giles "With retail shelf space at a premium, our model eliminates the risk of carrying inventory and immediately expands the number of great HD DVD titles available to consumers."

In addition to the 1000 Indie titles that will be scheduled, Sundance Channel has expressed interest in the high-definition features available through Amazon's HD-DVD program.

Independent filmmakers who are interested in becoming part of the project can go to


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