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New MPAA president announced

Written by Jari Ketola @ 05 Jul 2004 15:01 User comments (4)

New MPAA president announced The Motion Picture Association of America (MPAA) has today announced that Dan Glickman will follow Jack Valenti as president and CEO of the group.
Glickman is a former U.S. agriculture secretary of the Clinton administration, and has also sat on Congress' copyright and intellectual property subcommittee. His predecessor, Jack Valenti, headed the MPAA for 38 years, during which time he created, for instance, the U.S. movie rating system. He will continue to supervise the system with the President of the National Association of Theatre Owners

Glickman is likely to continue Valenti's guest against piracy. "I am eager to begin working closely with my new colleagues at MPAA, here and abroad, with the Congress, the federal government, state legislatures, with officials of nations on all the continents, as well as the global creative community," said Glickman in his statement.

Glickman will begin his tenure on September 1, 2004. Valenti has agreed to continue in the CEO post until that date.

Source: Press release (PDF format)

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4 user comments

16.7.2004 12:31

that logo shows pure 3VIL!!! look at it! doesnt it look like the black hands logo or something?! the little world in the background, that scares the shit out of me!

29.7.2004 16:59

If you look closely, you'll also notice that the inner portion of the logo is made up of a symbol popularly known as the "German Iron Cross". The MPAA using a symbol popularized in Nazi Gemany... Coincidence? I think not. Jake

39.7.2004 17:50


420.2.2005 18:45

Well the German Iron Cross is not a Nazi symbol , dont be stupid. The Iron Cross is only a Nazi symbol if and only if a swatiska is in the middle. However I do agree that the MPAA are a bunch of money loving Nazi`s, who need to get lots of lifes.

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