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A critical look into the Napster deals

Written by Jari Ketola @ 22 Jul 2004 14:15 User comments (3)

A critical look into the Napster deals The Register has published an interesting article on implementing the Napster service at Wright State University. Wright State is one of the six colleges that recently signed up with Napster -- mostly to avoid legal trouble with RIAA.
While every student at the university will have to pay a quarterly $189 communications fee, which will be used, among other things, to cover for the Napster expenses, only half of the students will be able to take full advantage of the service.

"Apparently, Wright State students are meant to think of each other as Comrades and take care of each others' critical music needs," Ashlee Vance writes. In addition the director of computing and telecommunications at Wright State, Paul Hernandez estimates that an extra $8 per quarter Napster fee will be added on top of the communications fee.

The deals rise several other concerns as well. Please read the entire article at The Register.

Source: The Register

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3 user comments

122.7.2004 18:20

I think it would be worth it if i were at that school. $189.00 is good for internet for a year.

223.7.2004 5:10

Yeah, except they will have to pay a "quarterly" $189. That wil soon add up, expecially for the guys and gals that don't use the services.

325.7.2004 14:36

I went to Wright State. It's a small, inexpensive university, with a lot of people commuting. There are some dorms, but you don't have the big campus of most colleges. So I think $189/quarter is steep. WSU is one of the pioneers of the internet, being part of the first hub, along with Case Western (in the same state). Most people do their own thing. I don't see how Napster is a replacement to P2P in any case. They probably figured out how to hack into Napster and add it to their own P2P sharing servers. lol!

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