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Mod chips illegal in the UK

Written by Petteri Pyyny @ 21 Jul 2004 1:28 User comments (30)

Mod chips illegal in the UK British High Court has ruled that selling, advertising, possession for commercial use and even use of PS2 mod chips is illegal in the UK. The ruling was based on UK's implementation of the notorious EUCD legislation that UK implemented to its national legislation, virtually without consumer friendly amendments, back in October 2003. The European Union Copyright Directive legislation makes it illegal to sell or distribute tools that allow circumventing technical copy protection mechanisms.
The ruling was made against a Briton, David Ball, who sold 1,500 Messiah 2 PS2 mod chips in the UK. Mod chips are basically hardware modifications to games consoles that allow playing imported games, game backups, self-made software and, obviously, pirated games. Many Linux distributions and media player tools require mod chips to be installed in order to run the software.

Source: The Register

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30 user comments

121.7.2004 16:04

bleh no one cares lol.... but good thing im not form uk ^_^

221.7.2004 16:35

oh dear does this mean I have to remove my chip from my PS2? (implied sarcasm) like, really, who cares?

321.7.2004 17:14

I was going to have my silver PS2 chipped next month. Hope I can still find someone to do it.

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421.7.2004 17:19

I guess it's illegal to sell black felt-tipped markers in the UK too. Or they may also ban keyboards that have the shift key. Heck, this ruling would mean all computers would be banned. The UK is 99% Orwellian anyway. Do you own the Sony PS2, or does it own you? I think you just got owned! lol!

521.7.2004 20:49

thats bullshit- i know some people who design there own games for ps2 using a developement kit and the only way to get their games to load is a modded ps2 or loader disc. good thing i live in america... ( waiting for someone to pounce on me :( )

621.7.2004 23:51

they won't be able to stop people buy mod-chips over the net

722.7.2004 04:29

They have now created yet another black market unecessarily. What i do with my PS2 is my business and that includes invalidating the warranty. Mod chips forever baby The law is an ass

822.7.2004 06:21

Anybody can get a mod chip sent to them no matter where your from. you can be on the moon and have one sent to you through the mail. I don't think will stop anybody in the UK.

922.7.2004 08:40

dude they can't do a damn thing to you if you have a modded ps2 if you use your ps2 to play BACKUPS of your own original games. and you might want to just buy an NTSC console [a ps2 from the usa or canada] and mod it, or go to and get a brand new kick ass matrix infinity ps2. I don't know if they ship to the uk though.. worth a try. and one note: is run by cheap bastards who just want to steal ur money so don't buy stuff from there! no seriously, who the hell would pay $300 for an extended 90 day warranty on a ps2 that just costed $315? [i later found other sites with cheaper prices, :(] i only wanted the warranty so i could exchange it for the $315 and then buy a matrix infinity ps2 from cuz its a better chip [tho magic v still works well]. oh well.. oh yeah and they also screwed around and ignored my messages until a week after my warranty expired. they're gay. but i know modchip man is good.

1022.7.2004 08:43

they screwed around until a week after my <original> warranty expired. im not a dumbass to pay $300 for a warranty.

1122.7.2004 08:43

they screwed around until a week after my <original> warranty expired. im not a dumbass to pay $300 for a warranty.

1222.7.2004 08:58

swap magic3 works wonders for me- never even had to open the console

1322.7.2004 14:41

Sony has scored a huge victory in the war against mod chips in Europe. A judge in the British High Court ruled the sale of mod chip devices for the PlayStation 2 to be illegal, under the implementation of the new European Union Copyright Directive. The case was brought to courts against David Ball, who sold approximately 1,500 Messiah 2 mod chips that allowed users to play imported and pirated PlayStation 2 games. The presiding judge ruled that Ball had acted unlawfully in selling the chips, and said that the use, possession, or advertisement of the chips was also illegal. "This case, together with the recent successful criminal case against chippers in Belgium, confirms in the clearest possible terms that Sony Computer Entertainment Europe has the right to protect the illegal infringement of our intellectual property rights, and those of third party game developers," said SCEE president David Reeves. "We are sending a clear message to manufacturers and distributors of mod chips throughout the PAL territories that we will continue to pursue legal action against them." ---- Snip of the press release from Sony ... Yeah ... we can get more profits...

1422.7.2004 15:15

I'm in Uk and think its proper F**KED up I have a chip but only coz I have a few games my dad purchased on business trips to the US and Japan, and also use it for backups as we have loads of kids round mine who always damage new games so i got fed up.

1522.7.2004 20:39

It would seem, that this unfair "ruling" has had no effect on anyone, except for Sony, who just put themselves a bit lower in my eyes. Devil May Cry makes it all up though :D

1623.7.2004 03:44

I dont care what they say I'll import as many chips as I like from China. Whats the worst they can do? If the chips get found at customs (very rare) I lose a bit of cash and I have to order some more Big deal.

1724.7.2004 06:47

Is it just be being cynical, or does anyone else predict this having an impact on mod-chip pricing? Looking into my crystal ball I see prices gradually going up, if only because suppliers will be incurring losses when authorities seize shipments.

1824.7.2004 07:52

gee why dont they just make dvdr and cdr drives illegal too while there at it?

1925.7.2004 06:26

ok where can it get one of the chips is there a site i can go to?

2026.7.2004 10:45

pcshateme they can't ban dvdr and cdr as sony make a nice bit of lolly from it.I do not care what you can and can not do with your ps2 in the uk.I hope xbox 2 makes mince meat out of them and maybe people will rebel and say sony keep your ps2 and ps3 on the shelves were going with xbox 2.Now who is telling who what you can do with a sony ps2. Nice thought i know but it won't happen as we are all suckered in to the purchase of these machines if not for ourselves for our kids.Maybe i will just paint my kids pink with blue spots if iam aloud.

2127.7.2004 04:40

Yep I think that i may well move my alligiance to the Xbox in the future . Sony are getting on my nerves these days. Game prices are extortionate and haven't really come down over the years at all, or the console prices for that matter - what about thet EU ? What i do with my PS2 is my damn business and nobody elses.

2227.7.2004 08:34

With the precedent now set, don't expect Xbox mod-chips to stay legal for long. Infact, this puts any kind of mod-chip in a shaky position.

2321.11.2005 14:42

yer ive got Mine Chiped im In Aust and ive done heaps of shit thats illegal but meh its crap really they dont think that people can make stuff like that they should do better reshearch if there gonna ban people like that its crap and really whos gonna stop ya? these days ya can get in2 shit 4 anything sum 1 told me its illegal to lend a game to someone HOW STUPID is this world getting?

2421.11.2005 14:45

oh yer forgot 2 ask r Sliver PS2 Allready Chipped 3 or my friends recon but i think dats a Load of shit

256.12.2006 21:24

Although a lot a websites including this one will have you believe that if you live in the UK you cant get your hands on a modded console and some think that that even owning one is an offence... ... Wrong There are legal UK based websites selling modded consoles With blank Matrix Infinity chips(pcb), when you get it home just flash it with the current firmware downloaded from web.... Carry on modding UK woooo hooo All above board....

267.12.2006 22:37

yes,, Mod chips rock

2718.1.2008 13:55

Hi All

I am trying in vain to purchase a chipped PS2 can someone help me with some websites?

2819.1.2008 12:07

these guys have been around a while but im not sure what they are like nowadays...

2920.1.2008 03:53

I found this site last year and they were advertising new pre-modified consoles but not anymore (has the law changed in the UK?). I sent them an email anyway you never know! Is there any other sites you can recommend?

3021.1.2008 07:52

Good luck. A mod chip is a must.

Hope the PS3 gets a mod chip too. I won't buy one until it does!!!

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