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No ESS chips for non-CSS companies

Written by Jari Ketola @ 28 Jul 2004 13:33 User comments (1)

No ESS chips for non-CSS companies Digital video processor manufacturer ESS Technology has been denied the right to sell its products to some of their clients. A preliminary injunction was issued by Los Angeles County Superior Court Judge Maureen Duffy-Lewis late Friday.
The Motion Picture Association of America accused ESS of braking the CSS license agreement, which prohibits microchip manufacturers from selling DVD chips to hardware manufacturers who have not licensed CSS technology. MPAA claims to having acquired and disassembled a non-licensed player which was equipped with an ESS chip.

ESS claims to be in full compliance of the CSS license, and every other agreement they have made.

Unlicensed players often have some or all DVD copy prevention mechanisms disabled or have key combinations that makes it easy to disable them. With the lack of Macrovision protection DVD content can be copied to a VCR or DVD recordable.


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129.7.2004 16:01

what is ess? it does not realy tell you

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