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Dela joins AD editor team

Written by Jari Ketola @ 23 Aug 2004 14:57 User comments (8)

Dela joins AD editor team As you might have already noticed, Dela has joined the editor team. In addition to writing news articles, Dela will also be posting guides, and updating other content on the site.
I'm sure you will be a lot of quality content provided by him! By distributing some of the maintenance work we (me and dRD) can hopefully focus more on the administrative side of things.

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Petteri Pyyny
Jari Ketola

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8 user comments

123.8.2004 16:19

woooohoooo way to go Dela!!!!

223.8.2004 16:34

TY Darthnip :-) Well I said I'd be dropping the mod thing, but i never said I was dropping aD :-)

323.8.2004 19:50

W00T!! nice to see you aren't not leaving all together. Congrats on the Promotion.

423.8.2004 20:24

Congrats! Couldn't happen to a more deserving guy!

Rich Fiscus
@Vurbal on Twitter
AfterDawn Staff Writer

524.8.2004 4:30

Wow, this is great news. :D Dela exemplifies the reason I took a liking to this site in the first place, and I'm certainly glad to see him getting his due!

624.8.2004 6:27

Welcome :)

724.8.2004 9:09

Congrats! May the force be with you!

824.8.2004 13:04

Looks like you stepped up from being Moderator and didn't step down at all. Does this now mean if I find some odd news or info I should PM you Dela? I leave out the walking the dog stories :)

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