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New version of FFDSHOW released

Written by Petteri Pyyny (Google+) @ 06 Aug 2004 6:26

A new version of the popular open source audio/video decoder, FFDSHOW, has been updated. As usual, the changelog is rather massive and includes stuff like FLAC support, etc. The full changelog for FFDSHOW 2004-08-06 is here:
  • vc6 compilation fix
  • Dide's Ylevels
  • DTS S/PDIF fixes
  • audio: don't deadlock WMP9 at exit
  • authors/copying/readme for used libraries
  • fixed libmad usage
  • changed default resampler
  • use generic fir design routines in dolby decoder
  • corepng decoding (again)
  • merged vp3's mmx decoder functions into theora library (by vp3 at o8 dot enjoy dot ne dot jp, found at theora mailing list)
  • updated vc6 project
  • makefile for libdts
  • dts decoding via libdts
  • ICL warning fixes and project updates
  • added mp2, mp3, ac3 and aac codecs selection to installer
  • dynamic noise filtering from XMMS
  • make TaudioFilter work more similar to TimgFilters
  • voice, surround and lfe mixer controls
  • lpcm support (almost untested, need samples)
  • fir: display real frequency
  • fir warning and dialog filtes
  • FIR filter
  • swap mixer matrix columns and rows in conf. page
  • fix libsamplerate usage
  • makefile for ff_samplerate.dll
  • added libsamplerate for resampling
  • output LFE channel from dolby decoder
  • don't use NULL GUID for DwString initialization
  • headphone virtual spatialization channel mixer from VideoLAN
  • display current volume
  • channel delay filter
  • updated x264
  • fixed main and ff_libfaad2 2003 projects
  • matrixed (dolby) surround sound decoder from player
  • correctly display negative subtitles delay
  • ac3 SPDIF output (can't test)
  • remember fitler merit when re-registering
  • updated libavcodec
  • flac decoding support
  • per channel volume, fixed handling of >2 channels without channelmask
Download the latest version from here:

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