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Microsoft targeting emerging market for music downloads on handsets

Written by James Delahunty (Google+) @ 13 Sep 2004 8:27 User comments (1)

Microsoft targeting emerging market for music downloads on handsets Microsoft has been doing its very best to attract mobile phone makers in an attempt to dominate an emerging market for mobile phone based music downloads. Microsoft's latest Windows Media DRM technology, 'Janus', incorporates code that would allow a device other than a PC with Windows installed to purchase music downloads from Windows stores. The technology could be used to transfer DRM protected files from a PC to a mobile device, and it is likely this will be the only way to get music on your mobile phone until 3G networks become more common, as GPRS is both very expensive and slow.
Earlier this month, Samsung revealed a mobile phone that had its own 1.5GB HDD, which is nothing compared to the capacity on an iPod, but is definitely a first step. Apple announced a deal with Motorola earlier this summer which means that some Motorola handsets may come with a built in iTunes music store. This means support for the AAC format and Apples FairPlay. MP3 handsets have become very popular but pressure from the Recording Industry is turning manufacturers to more secure formats.

The AAC format has become very popular amongst the manufacturers, most whom are set to rally around the format next year.

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