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P2P networks threatened by new software LogP2P?

Written by James Delahunty (Google+) @ 22 Sep 2004 21:14 User comments (2)

P2P networks threatened by new software LogP2P? I was surfing around and found an interesting forum post over at about new software that could threaten some P2P networks such as the eD2K network. LogP2P is a tool that could be used with a P2P client to basically form a type of network sniffer, gathering information on users who are sharing files. The method used would basically be running LogP2P and a client such as eMule together, and then clicking some eD2K links to gather traffic. As soon as uploading and actual traffic begins, LogP2P will put its results in the GUI of the Program.
It will give information such as the IP Address and Port Number of a user sharing a file, the amount of the file the user currently has, the transfer speed etc. Of course this raises the question about privacy. LogP2P is not available for the general public but may become available to anti-p2p organizations who are looking to track illegally pirated files on the network or other illegal files such as child porn. If this software comes into wide use, then it seems some P2P networks are doomed unless they change now in an attempt to block out the software or somehow stop it from gathering information on users.

This is only a small summary of what there is to read on this program and its developers, for the full information, please visit the source link below.


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2 user comments

122.9.2004 22:47

I just wonder how STARTING to download a file NAME equates to evidence proper that the contents that a file contains said information. Perhaps "Metallica - Enter Sandman.mp3" is something entirely different. Far fetched, but perhaps it is a commentary. Not wanting to justify piracy, but it makes you wonder what is next. Perhaps next they can try to prosecute people for THINKING, rather than DOING. It isn't that far removed. And it ought to put an end to things once and for all. Nice work tools.

223.9.2004 12:54

well well, this is a interesting piece of info Dela, i personally think this should ONLY be used to get rid of the bastards that share child porn because that is just gross. Plus, with the whole "Judge Rules that P2P network s can not be liable for the data shared" ruling, they should not be able to use this, but, honestly, it just looks like the K++ version of KaZaA (in how they used K++ to track and sue people because the RIAA is POS)

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