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BPI wins court order against British P2P users

Written by Petteri Pyyny (Google+) @ 14 Oct 2004 14:47 User comments (3)

BPI wins court order against British P2P users British Phonographic Industry, the UK equivalent of the RIAA, has won the first court round in its fight against British P2P users, when British courts granted a court order against 28 P2P users BPI raided earlier this month. The court order means that users' ISPs have to hand over users' personal details (names and addresses) within 14 days to the BPI.
BPI has announced that it will offer out-of-court settlement deals for all sued users, but if they wont settle, it will press charges against them in courts. According to BPI's claims, all of the users now sued are so-called "heavy uploaders", people who cotribute to P2P networks by sharing vast amounts of music rather, rather than downloading tracks.

Source: BBC

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3 user comments

115.10.2004 6:18

this is not good at all i have a bad feeling about it I mean this actually means the violation of our privilage of privacy?!?! Whats dis all about? didnt the Uk court was one with most fair in the world and now wTF with dis Bpi their company name sounds like viagra pills Is RIAA and Bpi together?!?! Maria jeje another revel P2P user 3291 sharing files =) proudly...

215.10.2004 7:34

Bpi suck, lets hope there fight doesnt last long

316.10.2004 9:12

when British courts granted a ourt order against 28 P2P users BPI
What is this dRD?! A SPELLING MISTAKE!!! It's only 28 out of 1000s of P2P users, let's hope it doesn't grow... P.S. Should be a court order, unless England has a new word I didn't know about =P

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