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P2P use growing despite RIAA claims

Written by James Delahunty @ 23 Oct 2004 5:35 User comments (7)

P2P use growing despite RIAA claims The Recording Industry Association of America (RIAA) has long being claiming that its campaign of lawsuits against filesharers is helping to reduce filesharing activity in the United States. Big Champagne is a market research and marketing consulting firm specializing in P2P technology and their statistics tell a completely different story. Below are the figures for the U.S.
August, 2003 - 2,630,960
September, 2003 - 2,891,645
October, 2003 - 3,764,032
November, 2003 - 2,498,431
December, 2003 - 3,239,298
January, 2004 - 3,528,419
February, 2004 - 4,039,989
March, 2004 - 4,603,571
April, 2004 - 4,688,988
May, 2004 - 4,589,255
June, 2004 - 4,583,920
July, 2004 - 4,584,111
August, 2004 - 4,549,801
September, 2004 - 4,687,536
October 15, 2004 - 4,771,060

So as you can see, P2P activity in the United States appears to be higher than ever. For those interested, below are the international figures.

August, 2003 - 3,847,565
September, 2003 - 4,319,182
October, 2003 - 6,142,507
November, 2003 - 4,392,816
December, 2003 - 5,602,384
January, 2004 - 6,046,998
February, 2004 - 6,831,366
March, 2004 - 7,370,644
April, 2004 - 7,639,479
May, 2004 - 7,286,377
June, 2004 - 7,401,431
July, 2004 - 7,115,975
August, 2004 - 6,822,312
September, 2004 6,784,574
October 15, 2004 - 6,729,430

The numbers sort of speak for themselves.


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7 user comments

123.10.2004 18:59

to quote some random rapper, "BAM!"

225.10.2004 12:28

I think the age of the CD is over. People want a In-Home Jukebox that plays Music and Movies. And I also use legal Music services such as Napster, Rhapsody, and Itunes. I've found alot of rare stuff on Rhapsody and Napster allows you to Download as much as you want for a flat rate of $9.95/Mo. This is what the doctor orderd. Its not because we're dishonest pirates who care nothing about others feelings, its the fact that not all artists are available on the per month services. Make them available and you'll see more subscribers. I love the sinc/restore feature of napster. You don't get that on p2p. Crash your system on p2p and you have to re search for it again. Not with Napster.

325.10.2004 13:06

Whats up with the rest of the world. The USA accounts for 70.9% in that stat. Come one rest of the world, it must be the english barrier. The people in the UK just can`t understand the american color of english :)

425.10.2004 17:29

I guess that means there's way too many pirates in the US, or not enough in the rest of the world. The P2P uses increases, and they announced CD sales have increased. The RIAA should just be happy they are still making money on CDs. I think they will be obsolete someday, and there will only be digital music formats, but one reason why it hasn't happened quicker is because digital music has no resale value. Once you buy it, its yours, and you can't sell it. But you can easily, and legally, sell off your entire CD collection if you so desire.

525.10.2004 17:51

A Gentleman from Napster told me in 2 yrs the recording industry will have no choice as to rather or not they will offer Digital Music online. When it happens Napster will lead the way because it offers unlimited access so long as you pay $9.95. You can either Download or stream. the choice is yours and it makes sense for those who have laptops to stream.

626.10.2004 09:33

What do mean makes sence for laptops, that to me makes no sense. What does make sense would be to buy a mp3 or what ever player and pay a fee and get the live stream. Oh wait that is called DAB, digital audio broadcast. So I can see that becomeing more of the way rather than mp3 players.

728.10.2004 17:58

Well for one thing most people aren't going to buy a USB 160GB drive and then buy a CD/DVD burner for their lap top unless they are going to spend several years in school and live In their OWN appartment where they can have their own internet connection and not be told by the university what they can do with their own Internet connection and when like some campus's try and do. Id don't make too much sense to toat that kind of stuff around unless your like me and are legally Blind and have other handicaps as to where you can't find a good job and get out. Then I can see it. I on the other hand am getting the laptop with the 160GB drive to toat around with my DVD burner. So I'll have no trouble there. But still Napster is not all bad but the problem is that the labels just won't give us a break so as long as they don't want their stuff on line even for a price we'll just take it for ourselves for FREE.

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