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Apple Introduces iPod Photo

Written by James Delahunty (Google+) @ 26 Oct 2004 18:27 User comments (12)

Apple Introduces iPod Photo Today Apple introduced the new iPod Photo. The new devices can hold 40GB or 60GB of data and are advertised as being capable of holding up to 25,000 digital photos and up to 10,000 or 15,000 songs. It also includes a new screen with a higher resolution to view high quality pictures. The devices will allow you to make slideshows of photos with songs playing as their background music. Owners will be able to listen to music for up to 15 hours or view 5 hours of slideshows with the new extended battery life.
“Having both your entire photo and music collections with you wherever you go is the next big thing,” said Steve Jobs, Apple’s CEO. “Everyone has a digital camera and wants to enjoy and share their growing library of digital photos wherever they are. Unlike video content, photo content is free and abundant, and there are no copyright issues to deal with.”

The device can also easily download photos from Mac's or Windows machines through firewire or USB. The devices are now being shipped and come with a recommended retail price of $499 and $599. Another useful feature that users would find interesting is the ability to connect your iPod to a TV to view pictures and slideshows on a bigger screen.


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12 user comments

127.10.2004 1:22

Im getting the impression that these 20GB+ mp3 players are hopelessly overpowered for their intneded purpose considering they can't even play movies!

227.10.2004 10:12

Who the hell wants to watch slideshows on a portable player?? Thats ridiculous. But I guess that's what's excpected from the idiots at Apple. I agree, make ones that can play movies with all that damn space. With 60 gigs, you could store numerous divx or mpeg-4 movies on it.

327.10.2004 12:03

Want an MP3 player that also displays JPG photos, AND plays MP4 video files. Look no further! The ZVUE player from handheld entertainment will do it for you. No, I'm not advertising for handheld. I just think they have a really cool product. It doesn't have 40 GB of storage though. It uses SD flash cards for memory, so memory size depends on how much you're willing to shell out for an SD card. Handheld entertainment originally offered this about a year ago, but it would only play video in their proprietary format. They never got any decent video offerings, and so came out with a software update to allow you to play your own MP4 files. A good example of a company responding to the market, and giving them what they really want - in this case an inexpensive ($149) hand held video player.

427.10.2004 12:14

That sounds like a senseless plug ;)

527.10.2004 12:30

This Ipod sounds like a waist of money. Now if it played divx movie files or mpeg-4 movies I would be interested ,I will stick with my creative 40GB Mp3 Player.

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627.10.2004 12:34

They suck and theyre way too fashionable.. Alsom I found an interesting fact 'If you wear the apple ipod white earphones you are 300% more likely to be mugged than if you were wear any other type of earphone'.

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728.10.2004 19:02

To go against the grain here. But my wife is a pro photographer. This is just what she needs. Rather than carry around a laptop, she can carry this which will let her carry her tunes, dump here photos, and give her clients a sample of the pictures with out the bulky laptop.

828.10.2004 19:38

true, however the screen size on the ipod is probably the same size lcd on the camera, so what's the point other than storage? buying more memory cards for the camera seems a much more viable option

929.10.2004 11:12

I've had an Archos Gmini 20 the last 8 months. 20Gb with mp3 player and a Compact flash card reader. I've used the reader facility alot whilst travelling, constantly 'dumping' pictures from my 128MB card in my Canon camera. I have no complaints! So Apple finally get round to catering to people like me. BIG DEAL!! If you want cutting edge technology Apple is the last place to look. Looking more like MIcrosoft everyday. Kind of sad really:

1026.11.2004 12:05

In my opinion I think that the iPod family is grossly over rated because of there famous "click-wheel", I think that the iPod photo is just, well, i know that this is obvious, but another way to make money... I mean take the U2 iPod for example nothing special except colors and a copy of their signature on the back. It's all about money, and I think that the iPod photo is a bad investment of $500 - $600 unless your just trying to burn money...

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1126.11.2004 13:07

it seems to be a large sum of money to spend and it is, but i think that the 60gb of storage is great. I think maybe they should have a 60 gb photo and a non photo becaus i need that amount of space, but not the photo thing. Ipods are over-rated though, but im really happy with my 20gb.

1226.11.2004 14:05

you need room for 15,000 songs? do you listen to them all? I think that would be a very logical idea and to possibly lower the price maybe a $100 you could make the 60gb without color.

"It takes a big man to cry, but it takes an even bigger man to laugh at him."

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