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iTunes launched in nine European countries

Written by Petteri Pyyny (Google+) @ 26 Oct 2004 15:36 User comments (3)

iTunes launched in nine European countries Today nine eurozone countries (counrties using euro as their currency) have joined the Apple's iTunes bandwagon when iTunes music store opened its doors in Finland, Austria, Belgium, Greece, Italy, Luxembourg, Netherlands, Portugal and Spain. Only eurozone country still without an access to iTunes is Ireland.
Songs in euro countries will cost the same as they cost in existing iTunes -supported countries using euro -- 0.99 per song and albums starting from 9.99 each. iTunes also extended its European music selection when it launched in new countries today, taking the total available collection in Europe to 700,000 tracks.

Additionally, Apple announced that it will launch Canadian version of its music store in November. Now Apple can claim that its service reaches already almost 70 percent of global music market.

Source: Apple's press release

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3 user comments

127.10.2004 7:02

Not exactly cheap is it to download an album, c.mon we pay for the equipment the i-pod and the computer and internet then we pay more to download the album to our players minus the case and cover booklet etc. I for one wont be paying these prices i will continue to use the internet to source cds, some great bargains can be had, and my local asda store sells most chart stuff for 8.99. Strange though to download from apple in the states its half the cost it is here in the u.k, another example of getting taken for idiots but then again again if we allow ourselves to be duped then it will never change, c.mon consumers fight back and lets get some fair pricing....

229.10.2004 4:25

A Euro per track? Well if in USA it's $0.99 then in EU it should be 0.83. Why should European users pay more? Go Apple, stay clear of Europe, nobody will use your service.

329.10.2004 12:46

well I came to a conclution that I might use itunes or other online music stores one day... (well unlikely anyway:) but music format for itunes should be not crippled, somethig like *flac could be, not protected and open to public. i guess it will never happen, so it is unlikely:) very unlikely indeed:) i think pices should be more affordable, not based on something stupid- for example in USA- dollar, Europe- euro and so on. It should be affordable. still I like cds, even there is only one good song. and of course not protected with some kinda crippled stuff.

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