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Paid music downloads on the rise

Written by Lasse Penttinen @ 10 Nov 2004 9:45 User comments (1)

Paid music downloads on the rise The TEMPO research results for the 2nd quarter of 2004 indicate that commercial music downloading is still on a steady rise. The figures show impressive progress, as according to the source more than a third of Americans of age 12 or older had paid music downloading fee. This indicates a very strong market penetration - after all the market itself was only recently discovered by major companies.
“In the past year, we’ve witnessed the high-profile launches of many new online music services and download stores. Combined with the RIAA’s ongoing campaign to curb file-sharing, this has prompted many increasingly digitally-dependent consumers to experiment with the legitimate online methods of music acquisition currently available,” said Matt Kleinschmit, Vice President for Ipsos-Insight, and author of the TEMPO research.
Thus far, adult downloaders aged 25 to 54 are most likely to have paid to download digital music (40 per cent among 25 to 34 year olds; 46 per cent among 35 to 54 year olds). Interestingly, downloaders aged 12 to 17 were the least likely of all American downloader age groups to say they have paid for digital music (16 per cent), perhaps reflecting the lack of non-credit card based payment methods available on current fee-based services.Source: Digital-Lifestyles

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120.11.2004 21:38

I have to say that Napster and Rhapsody seam the way to go however some of the labels just won't cooperate with the consummer. Napster is a great idea because you can Download as much as you want to your hard drive so long as you subscribe. The songs wil be able to be played on your computer. you can't burn them or transfer them to a portable device unless you pay $.79/Song. The subscription is only $9.95/Mo but however you can't listen to everything. I like everything from the Metaphysical to Alternative and Classic Rock. I was mad when I tryed to listen to Krishna Das's album called Breath Of The Heart. You can't find it on Napster. Rhapsody doesn't have it either. Itunes has that one but lacks some of his newer work. So to be a loyal legal customer, you'd have to Download Napster, Rhapsody, Itunes just to get all the music you want and then try to remember which service had that song you wanted. Napster files are WMA's so they will play on say Winamp or Real Player. But Itunes won't. Music Match files are alot like Napsters and can play on just about any Mp3 player that suports WMA files. In short we need to get the RIAA to realize that we all are not Pirates and we just want that in home Jukebox. This is why I use my computer connected to the stereo to enjoy music.

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