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MPAA to target movie sharing through BitTorrent

Written by James Delahunty (Google+) @ 14 Dec 2004 17:41 User comments (12)

MPAA to target movie sharing through BitTorrent The Motion Pictures Association of America is to launch a legal attack on BitTorrent users who abuse the technology developed by Bram Cohen in 2001, to share illegal copies of movies. BitTorrent was developed to make a quicker way of spreading large files around a network. It breaks files up into little segments and users who are downloading the file are also uploading it to other users. This takes an enormous amount of pressure off a source server. A server known as a tracker keeps track of details among filesharers to help them get more sources for their file and keeps track of the amount of the file each user has.
Since BitTorrent appeared in 2001, more and more sites have popped up that allow users to share pirated files. Instead of operating like a P2P network, users download a .torrent file which contains details on the tracker and file information. The MPAA is very late in its action against BitTorrent trading. Files that are currently being shared tend to share very quickly; this has attracted millions of users to torrent sites. However, since BitTorrent sites dont actually offer files, just torrent files, the legality of these sites is unknown.

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12 user comments

115.12.2004 11:30

Even if the MPAA and other organizations turn BitTorrent into ShitTorrent, other networks will replace this wonderful P2P program and the battle will be neverending.

215.12.2004 12:16

:) isn't that the truth!! IRC will never die, and people keep coming out with better and better P2P networks that keep us safe from those money hogging, selfish people.

315.12.2004 14:07

... and those of you lucky ones on the internet2, be aware that they are monitoring it already. a word to the wise should be sufficient.

416.12.2004 12:49

I think that the last refuge will be newsgroups. There are too many news servers and providers to ever truely crack down on it. IRC can still have a MPAA person on the other end. What does everyone else think will be the last place to crack down on.

516.12.2004 15:04

i cant believe this, have they got nothing better to do or something, why dont they just worry about how to make their next million and leave people alone that arent happy paying their joke prices, for lets face it things that cost at least half the price that they charge us!

616.12.2004 16:30

If you d/l jap anime is that concidered piracy aswell?

717.12.2004 4:41

If you have the option to pay for it then yes it is piracy.

817.12.2004 11:07

I believe i watched something on the news the other day where they said p2p is the main source of crime and such.It feeds crime gangs and protection rackets and such.Well here is a coule of facts that the news team should have taken in to account. 1.It is a very very small amount of p2p users who have any relation to crime gangs and such. 2.Taking away p2p sharing does not stop crime gangs it feeds them.Instead of being able to use these p2p sites it pushes people towards them that feed crime gangs. 3.Fact this will not increase there pocket size as another form of p2p will follow as always. So what should they do well chasing the crime gangs and not the p2p users would be a great place to start.Bringing the price down would be another good thing to do.If these companys could get rid of every form of p2p would they knock the price down.For the small amount of profit they claim p2p sharers take away from them.This would mean they have it all would they drop the price so the people with less could afford to purchase.Bloody right they would not they would be the only source so they would bang the prices up. What does it all mean well taking away means feeding the crime gangs and feeding the industry.The looser as always the consumer.

917.12.2004 11:12

Those are very valid and excellent points, except...

1.It is a very very small amount of p2p users who have any relation to crime gangs and such.
90% of pirates in Hong Kong and China have protection from gangs. There are a LOT of pirates in HK and China.
Everyone is entitled to their own true opinion. Either respect that or don't.

1018.12.2004 1:08

My apologies i meant in the uk but obviously global there is alot more.

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1130.12.2004 2:08

Die MPAA and RIAA! You suck! Come here, let me make American Style Chop Suey outta ya, no good bone american scum! I'm just waiting for someone to make a worm that causes little damage and does 2 jobs. One, able to copy a decentralised a tracker type application to each and every system on the www and whilst it duplicates itself. I like see how they stop that!

1230.12.2004 15:24

the battle will be neverending. Couldn't of said it better toiletman F*CK the MPAA! Sorry just got caught up in the spur of the moment

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