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iTunes has now sold 200m songs

Written by James Delahunty (Google+) @ 16 Dec 2004 19:19

iTunes has now sold 200m songs Apple's iTunes music store has now sold 200m songs the company has said. In October this year the company reported having sold 150m songs with its store, with an average of about 4m songs per week. This average has risen to 4.76m per week. Apple had forecasted it would reach the 200m mark by Christmas. Between now and Christmas there is plenty of time for users to download about 10m more songs. While telling you about the total number of music download sales, Apple always seems to leave out the total number of users for the iTunes music stores, a figure which could really shed some light on the actual success of the store and possibly on whether the future looks as good as its past.
For now, it seems the Gold is the big figure of sales in this very early time of digital downloads. Apple is also expected to sell 4 million iPod's this quarter, which gives them many more potential customers. iTunes continues to rule in the digital music download market, but competition is growing by the day with new online music stores being opened and existing music stores being improved. Only a few weeks ago, Napster reported that their total of songs available in the UK has reached over 1 million.

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