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Merry Christmas!

Written by Petteri Pyyny (Google+) @ 24 Dec 2004 13:15 User comments (16)

Merry Christmas! The team would like to wish all our users merry Christmas and a happy new year! The year 2004 has been absolutely amazing in terms of site growth, user growth and the positive feedback we've received throughout the year. Thank you!
Now it's time to take a little break, we'll be back after the holidays. We'd also like to remind our users to participate on our holiday competition before it closes on 31st of December.

On behalf of Team,

-Petteri Pyyny

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16 user comments

124.12.2004 13:20

:) Thanks for the excellent year dRD. I have learned so much ever sense i stumbled on your site and registered on 27 November 2003. I would like to thanks the Mods (specifically Neph and Vurbal) for there help. Thanks for an excellent year. Pop Smith.

224.12.2004 15:00

Merry Christmas To everyone here! I'd just like too say that this site has been very helpful too me over the past year and very informative , Thanx too everyone who replied too my post your info was most helpful. FARTDUDE

324.12.2004 15:02

I am glad that I found this site last June. It has been great and very helpful all the time. And of course thanks to everyone who helped me, Nephilim and Praetor have been most helpful. (It seems that Nephilim is one of the most helpful people of all) And thanks to all the people I helped for getting me to 189 messages so far. (going for 200!)

424.12.2004 16:10

Merry CHRIST-mas Everyone at AD!><> ><> ><> it's hard to believe i've only been a member of this forum for just over a month. i've learned so much here already. thank u to each and everyone who took the time to help the newbies and not-so-newbies with even the simplest of questions. especially to ScubaPete, bbmayo, brobear, and flip218. your patience and helpfulness is a blessing. GOD BLESS and happy new year! fishbulb ><> ><> ><>

524.12.2004 16:30

This is the best forum site I have been involved in ever. I have learnt so much and there is so much on offer that I make at least an hour per day available to visit and add what I can or just read other users comments. Nothing less than Excellent!! Merry Christmas

624.12.2004 17:22

Merry Christmas, and dont forget to get drunk :-)

724.12.2004 20:16

happy holidays.

824.12.2004 20:45

Merry Christmas, and thanks to everybody who maintains this site. The collaboration of support and help is amazing. Time to go spike the eggnogg...

925.12.2004 7:57

Merry Christams all and have a happy new year!! : )

1025.12.2004 8:10

From the words of Hellblazer, "Merry Fucking Christmas"! =D And a happy New Year! Thankyou for an excellent year at Afterdawn, and yes Dela, I am preparing to get drunk! ;)

1125.12.2004 11:11

Damn straight, and I'd just like to wish everyone's favourite little fin, dRD a Happy Birthday ;-) One whole year older AND 2 kids........ its all downhill from here mate, HAHAHAHAHAHA Nah just kidding, :-) Have a good day!

1225.12.2004 11:27

Dela: Thanks.. Nothing really to celebrate, I quit celebrating my birthdays when I hit 20 -- years and years ago :-)

1325.12.2004 11:57

and a whole heap of happy ho ho'd from here in indiana, you should see my xmas tree made of corn!!

1425.12.2004 15:52

To all at Afterdawn, Mods and Menmbers, Merry Xmas ANd a very Drunken New Year!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I think we all deserve a good piss up!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Lets hope 2005 will see the downfall of all those against us. Long Live the TORRENT NETWORK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

1527.12.2004 17:53

to every mod here and all the users thank you for a very merry christmas and i hope all of you have a wonderful and SAVE new year........see you in the new year........

1627.12.2004 21:59

I just wanted to say to all here at Afterdawn. "Merry Christams and have a Happy New Year!!" Well now I'am off to the Bar up the Block from my house to get a nice cold Beer. Enjoy and be safe. ;)

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