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'The BitTorrent Effect'

Written by Lasse Penttinen @ 29 Dec 2004 9:42 User comments (22)

'The BitTorrent Effect' Who hasn't heard the term BitTorrent recently? First demonstrated back in 2002, the BitTorrent definitely was and is the P2P phenomena of the 2004. Recently it really started to make headlines in 'old school media', as .torrent serving web sites were being busted by the authorities. The Wired has published a long and interesting article about BitTorrent and it's author Bram Cohen - worth checking out.
Movie studios hate it. File-swappers love it. Bram Cohen's blazing-fast P2P software has turned the Internet into a universal TiVo. For free video-on-demand, just click here.
.. Bram Cohen is the creator of BitTorrent, one of the most successful peer-to-peer programs ever. BitTorrent lets users quickly upload and download enormous amounts of data, files that are hundreds or thousands of times bigger than a single MP3. Analysts at CacheLogic, an Internet-traffic analysis firm in Cambridge, England, report that BitTorrent traffic accounts for more than one-third of all data sent across the Internet. Cohen showed his code to the world at a hacker conference in 2002, as a free, open source project aimed at geeks who need a cheap way to swap Linux software online. But the real audience turns out to be TV and movie fanatics.Source: Wired

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22 user comments

129.12.2004 14:44

Long Live BT!!! the greatest p2p ever!

229.12.2004 16:23

Keep posting like that and I'm sure they'll ban you. Bit Torrent is the best P2P so far though and theres lots of good torrent sites. It will stay alive until a bigger, better P2P comes out. Hunter007

329.12.2004 17:32

keep your mouth shut you noob
I beleive his status is higher than yours, newbie. If you haven't noticed, afterdawn gets almost all of it's information from other sites, and it's not like the general populace reads afterdawn. I know computer programmer's who have never heard of afterdawn. Just watch who you call a noob.

429.12.2004 18:13

yea listen too daemonzx6 , I simply posted my opinion bout BT and if i could i'd post everywhere else too, So chew on that newbie, I'm just the kinda person who really dosent care what he says or posts if ive got sumthin too say it's gonna be said. and u know if anyone should be banned its killah21 , for bashin on the admins here at AD , it was just a matter of time before BT caught attention , same as kazaa and napster (Thx alot metallica!).

529.12.2004 18:19

Oh sorry, I should have been more specific when I posted. I meant killah21 would get banned if he kept bashing the AD admins and article writers. Hunter007

629.12.2004 19:45

killah21 (Newbie) 30 December 2004 0:19 _ lol you guys are losers, I just do not want any attention going to all my torrent SITES FFS!!!! thats all i ask jeez, stop attracting all the attention to the sites. Some stupid noobs come on here and in the forums and read about sites like suprnova and torrentbits and they tell someone and they ruin it for every body.
You truly are a total wanker mate. Do you realise how big the internet is? Its unmeasurable, and your blaming the shutdown of bittorrent on one web site, one ip address and a handful of admins? Did they hack bittorrent? No. Did they advertise it? No. They did what they wanted to do, they reported information on it. Go back to your AOL dialup account and start hacking irc channels.

729.12.2004 20:54

Wow killah, I must say, I hardly ever post here anymore, but your comments make you look like a complete ASSCLOWN. If you could find a single reason that at least makes some logical sense as to why afterdawn is responsible for the downfall of torrent sites I would be astonished. Afterdawn has done nothing but report about it, if anything I would think that they are helping the torrent community by posting the links to donate to lokitorrent(who in case you didn't know is fighting the MPAA). You, my friend, are a complete turd bag and need to get your ideas from a brain, not your ass

829.12.2004 22:42

yeah, what a douchebag. Afterdawn is the most informative site I have ever visited, and if they should decrease their news posts because scumbags like you don't want attention drawn, then maybe we should start rounding up jews or something. What a fascist moron.

929.12.2004 23:51

That's what I was saying, it's impossible for one site to have had any part in what we have seen recently. Afterdawn has had news about BitTorrent much longer than just recently now that the MPAA and RIAA are wise of it. BitTorrent has been known quite well since 2001. Has it taken them three years to start trials? No. They have just recently started realizing that it is a much better way for people to share files than the other programs like eDonkey or Gnutella. This is not because of Afterdawn's posting of articles about it. This is because of the fact that it was created, it was a good idea, and people spead good ideas. Afterall, how did you find out about BitTorrent? Read it on some news blog giving it attention?

1030.12.2004 2:46

Wonder if people in the MPAA & RIAA is thinking of going after Dr. Lawrence Roberts who designed ARPANET which later became the INTERNET,Maybe they want us people to go back to the old ways,wannasee a movie go to a theater?wanna listen to a new song go to a record store?Why not use their resources and the technology to sell cheaper movies and songs?these people are stuck in a time WARP!

1130.12.2004 3:07

killah21, it's quite obvious who the n00b is here. In case you havenít noticed, P2P sharing in any form, including using BitTorrent was made as an open way for people to share files, not for people like you who think you are somehow smarter than everyone else to be above the crowd, and take the invention of other guys who spent hours developing these systems and use it only in a small group so you can feel special, so you call everyone else n00bs and refer to yourself as elite i guess? You probably know nothing of the technology behind BitTorrent, or nothing of even the legal battles that have gone on so far. How do you think torrent sites even get as good as they are? It's obvious, from the amount of users. They crave users. You would know this if you knew anything of administrating a site that receives heavy traffic, and requires a lot of money to keep going. On the Internet, only way for these sites to make enough money to run themselves is by advertisements, advertisements that actually generate revenue are only possible with as many users as possible, or else no1 would be interested in a deal. So that's why new sites are listed on forums, because the sites would suck without a lot of users. They also need the users to donate. Havenít you noticed they look for uploaders that have certain standards such as a certain minimum upload bandwidth you can have, how would they find all these users in the first place to seed files? How would they find users with access to the releases to seed them? Also if you knew anything of the laws in question, you would know its better to have a site with 200,000 users sharing files than 1,000. If itís a closed group, then it will be treated like a closed criminal operation, and the legal consequences would be much greater. If these sites have a problem with attention, itís very easy to limit the amount of users, as torrentbits did. I'll stop now because I see no reason why I should further educate your arrogance. And remember, it's a privilege that any sites even exist, that any people would even risk the legal consequences just to offer the service and put the hours of development into it. If you offer your own site and want to be "elite" and hide in the shadows, then fucken do, itís very easy to make trackers accept only certain IP addresses etc... You would know this if you had your own site though right? And also you mentioned Suprnova didnít you? It's funny how when they decided to stop offering torrents without reason, that they "thanked" their massive number of users for making the site what it was. Without those numbers it wouldnít have gotten anywhere! And as for mentioning sites like torrentbits, you find their torrents on other trackers, and when you try to open them they simply tell you to go sign up to access the tracker, if they didnít want the attention this wouldnít be the case. Anyways, enough of that, since I'm sure nobody wants you here, I might aswell deactivate your account, and let someone else who might actually say something worthwhile take your place!

1230.12.2004 3:19

With the amount of brickheads around lately, you could build a house! Although a hospital might be a better solution for boofheads like killah21. Then someone can scoop out the shit that's masquerading as his brain, and replace it with something more suitable like fruit loops.

1330.12.2004 8:08

@Dela (or any mod) It looks to me like the n00b (killah21) is back with a new name. Ya wanna ban SuxonBalz too? ;p

1430.12.2004 9:19

There's nothing I hate more than a person who gets banned, and then thinks they've outsmarted you by making a new accout, and I guess that was supposed to be an insult. Is there anyway you can just an his IP?

1530.12.2004 9:30

Sorry, I meant to say ban his IP. And another thing, you don't sign up to afterdawn to call people noobs or losers or whatever. You sign up to get help from people or give help to others. In your case, neither obviously, as you would be lucky to get any help from a single person here. And you are definitely not gving help.

1630.12.2004 9:35

He is an arsehole. Arseholes are the ones who live to piss people off. Therefore you should do the best to ignore them until they get banned lol I would just like to point out, if BitTorrent turns into ShitTorrent due to the MPAA and other organizations, others will rise. No point trying to fight a war that cannot be lost. Hell, we could even have ToiletTorrent next! =D

1730.12.2004 10:21

Hmmm.. Dang i make one small post and everything goes insane ... all i said was that i liked BT and this bunghole shows up and disses me and everyone else here. But then again i would like too thank everyone else here who was calm and cool when they read my post , and really my first post didn't advertise anything or reveal any trackers sites. Everyone has the right to there own opinion, (Even though my screen name is fartdude)lol.

1830.12.2004 10:38

And another thing too i know no moderator here at AD had anything to do with the bust on the some BT sites if the mods done anything to BT They helped it by helping people set there routers or firewall up or whatever it may be , but everything must end some time , and then again good things come too those whom wait.

1930.12.2004 11:24

Anyway that last post by suxonbalz could be deleted?

2030.12.2004 13:37

Oh yea i finally got my signature right too lol.

2130.12.2004 20:06

Well, I enjoyed bittorrent but im sure that by the time bittorrent sites come back the network will be so closely monitered that even if you try downloading its your ass on a lawsuite paper. I say farewell bittorrent but long live P2P. we wont forget you...

221.1.2005 10:22

Thx for ridding us of suxonbalz or killah21 or whomever that asswipe was

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