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TiVo goes to PC

Written by Petteri Pyyny (Google+) @ 03 Jan 2005 10:09 User comments (6)

TiVo goes to PC Most popular DVR system in the United States, TiVo, is expanding its reach to desktop PCs and later -- according to the company -- to DVDRs. The new service dubbed as TiVoToGo is available via the latest firmware update on Series 2 TiVo boxes and allows users to transfer the recorded TV programs to desktop PCs.
Exact technical specs are non-existent in press releases, but it seems tha in order to watch the TiVo recordings on PCs, users need to install a separate application called TiVo Desktop and an appropriate codec for viewing the material.

However, company announced that the DirecTV versions of TiVo wont be able to use the new service and neither could third party DVD recorders by Humax, Pioneer, etc that have TiVo technology embedded within them. But company said in its press release that most DVD recorders with an embedded TiVo service should be upgradeable to use the TiVoToGo.

Anyway, the service sounds tempting for American consumers and the new service is already included within the TiVo's monthly subscription fee, so its simply a matter of owning a correct version of the TiVo device (Series 2) in order to use it.

Company will also soon offer a version of Sonic's MyDVD that will enable TiVoToGo users to burn their recording to DVDR discs.


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6 user comments

13.1.2005 10:22

nice feature. I just remove the hard drive from my replay and put it in my computer, and copy over the mpet-2 files.

23.1.2005 15:29

Wow, finally TiVo realizes the demand for ability to put recorded material on DVD. I just cut out the middle man and got a TV card. No TiVo fees at all, just the cable bill.

33.1.2005 16:28

thats why I like my first-gen replaytv instead of tivo - here's no monthly service charge.

43.1.2005 18:35

ATI All In Wonder is where its at. No fees and more control.

53.1.2005 19:33

I wish I had an All In Wonder. I've got the separate TV Wonder and a Radeon 9600, which generates more heat.

65.1.2005 19:18

I've ben using an ATI ALL IN WONDER 9800 PRO, and it rocks. I use Gemstar's FREE Guide Plus for scheduled recordings, record MPEG4 (I use DivX at 640 X 480) edit out commercials with VirtualDub and end up with 1 hr TV shows average about 800 Meg; and 2 hr TV movies average 1.2 gigs. I move these files to 2.5" HDD in USB2 cases and take while traveling. I watch more TV and TV movies from my notebook on planes and in airports than I do on TV at home. ATI's recorder lets you record is various formats using all your available codecs, so you can record to use less space like 320 x 240, or to DVD VCD author as well.

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