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DivX enabled DVD recorders

Written by Lasse Penttinen @ 04 Jan 2005 8:26 User comments (15)

DivX enabled DVD recorders DVD players able to playback DivX video content (some also play Xvid, MP4...) have been on the market for some time, and the prices have hit rock bottom. As stand-alone DVD recorders are getting more often, the DivX networks and chip maker LSI have teamed up in order to produce a device that is able to encode and record to DivX format. The benefit of this is of course the increased compression, which promises up to 12h of video on a singe DVD. The playback compatibility of such recorded disc is of course limited to DivX enabled devices and PCs with suitable codecs.
"LSI Logic is pleased to have one of the first DivX encoding capabilities on a single-chip DVD recorder processor, further validating our leadership in this rapidly growing market," said James Fox, director of DVD product marketing, LSI Logic's Consumer Products Division. "DivX is among the world's most popular video compression technologies with over 160 million users worldwide, so we're pleased to support this feature in the evolving digital home."
DivX video technology includes a complete Digital Rights Management (DRM) system, enabling new business models such as video-on-demand for content providers, consumer electronics companies and retailers.Source:

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15 user comments

14.1.2005 12:00

I want one!!!!

24.1.2005 13:54

they have been out for at least 4 months...KISS have a model out

34.1.2005 14:38

Now all they need is an XviD one...

44.1.2005 16:34

to me, quality is everything. if it slacks on that, capturing is for me.

54.1.2005 21:36

We need codecs to play divx files on PC. How can one be so sure that all .AVI files will be played by the dvd player.

64.1.2005 21:41

They will have to have been encoded with the DivX codec...

75.1.2005 0:58

Having had a box capable of playing divx on my TV for about a year (the Neuston MC-500, which is the same as the Pinnacle Showcenter and other products using the same single board, single-chip design), the issue with replying AVI files is one of limited compatibility with the divx codec. If you haven't encoded the file yourself, then you run the risk of having to transcode your (downloaded?) AVI file into something more compatible. The most frustration comes from avis that have been encoded with quarterpixel turned on; my player doesn't support that option, so I have to take a really clear, clean divx and transcode it to a less clean divx. And there's no planned firmware upgrade to support these features (probably not enough space on the eeprom or not enough cpu grunt). Caveat emptor.

85.1.2005 7:21

I got myself a new "Yamada DVX-6600" which plays DivX 3,4,5.x , XviD and a host of other formats for only 60... and that does full surround and has all the inputs u need :)

95.1.2005 8:24

I'ts about F**kin time

105.1.2005 13:06

That Yamada looks pretty good. The only thing missing is RGB...

116.1.2005 15:19

A DivX recorder sounds like a fun toy! My P4 takes 4-6 hours to encode 2 hours of video. How can they do it in real time in a recorder that BETTER NOT cost more that a few hundred bucks? I've been using a Philips DVP642 for DivX playback for a few months now. It has played pretty much any kind of video file I put in it. $64! I don't mess much with downloading cuz most of the files I've gotten have been poor quality (also I'm still on dial-up so no DLs at home...). The files I have encoded with AutoGK/DivX5 look very good. BUT, If I encode at anything much over 1200kbs ABR things tend to get jerky once in a while. Quality is good at 1200 tho. Since I got a DVD burner I don't have to worry about fitting/splitting to CD-R so I keep the AC3 sound too. Way cool.

1212.1.2005 11:27

I think most posters here are missing the point of the original post/press release, vs. existing DivX-capable recorders... The existing DivX "capable" recorders I know about on the market now are only DivX playback/decoding. The actual recording/encoding is done in some other codec, often not standard. The significance of the above announcement is that this chipset enables DivX encoding/recording as well. If I'm wrong, please let me know. Are there any true DivX recorders out on the market for a reasonable price? If so, I'd love to get one. Thanks, Paul

137.5.2005 11:48

Here goes,I always thought DivX,Xvid,AVI were simalar formats..question will a DivX DVD Player,play all these formats. Aren't they all based on Mpeg4?? I was thinking of buying a player,what would be recomended in USA.I've been thinking about the Philips DVP642 Progressive Scan DivX DVD Player. Do this pretty much cover all the above mentioned Divx,xvid,AVI? Formats supported ? Video: DVD, DVD+R/RW, DVD-R/RW, VCD, SVCD, MPEG-4, DivX 3.11/4.x/5.x Audio: CD, CD-R/RW, MP3-CD Pictures: JPEG $60.00 at best buy..but I don't want to buy a chicken & end up with a pigeon even though it's cheap.I'm really new to this Divx crap even though its been around for a while.Just thought this would be easier then converting to DVD.I've kinda got spoiled watching everything on a 60"screen.From what I've seen on my computer Divx looks damn good,so I figure it'll look good on my wide screen Tv

1410.5.2005 14:23

I have heard the Philips isn't so great. I bought the Avayon DXP-1000, from, read the 3rd review from the top, and if you need the extra features the Avayon has to offer, you should get it. My player has played everything I put in it, but you need to manually switch between PAL and NTSC when necessary. Overall its a great player, although I did experience some skipping on some of the CD DivX movies. (by the way, DivX looks GREAT on my 52" widescreen!)

1512.5.2005 23:21

Well thx for the input..I went ahead & bought the AVAYON DXP1000 DVD Player...w/ship & all about $90.00 I can live with that...Watch though it never fails when I buy something,it usualy goes down to about half..I wonder why none of the retailers carry these?(BestBuy,CircuitCity)..The ones I found at retailers were 199.00 & up

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