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And you thought High Definition Video was good?

Written by James Delahunty (Google+) @ 07 Jan 2005 2:37 User comments (10)

So you think High Definition Video is as crystal clear as can be with perfect pristine quality audio? Well when compared to our current Digital Video (in the form of DVD and Digital TV mostly) that does tend to be true. Now this is not exactly "new" news, but I think if anyone hasn’t seen this, they really should. Ever hear of UHDV? Ultra High Definition Video has been around quite a while but not many people have heard of it, so what exactly is different about it?
Well first of all its resolution is a massive 7,680 by 4,320 pixels. The video runs at 60fps. The audio is 22.2ch audio, 9 above ear level, 10 at ear level, 3 below ear level and 2 low frequency effects. So who would be crazy enough to try and test this out? NHK researchers in Japan of course! They conducted a test using an array of 16 HDTV recorders to capture the 18-minute-long test footage with a camera built with 4 2.5 inch (64 mm) CCDs. So what did the lucky people who witnessed this test get out of it? They got motion sickness, in area's where the camera would move fast.

So when it comes to Digital Video I guess we have some good times to look forward to eh? :-)

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10 user comments

17.1.2005 10:19

WOW! 22.2Ch that would be a lot of cables.. heh :-)

27.1.2005 10:57

cool bring on the sickness

37.1.2005 10:58

Ok...motion sickness? Japanese kids had seizures when watching pokemon. The episode featured a pikachu shock blast and it had a repetative change from blue to red.

47.1.2005 11:35

Not to be racist... but Japanese are pretty fanatical when it comes to the media. But bring on the UHDV. Maybe we'll start taking TV pills! XD

57.1.2005 15:46

I predicted there would be UltraHD!! Look at my last post here:

67.1.2005 20:55

7,680 by 4,320, 60fps, 22.2ch audio, motion sickness, ive been waiting for this.

710.1.2005 16:00

i predict tv will be real pretty soon. Motion sickness is just the first breakthrough, soon people will get shot and raped.

811.1.2005 8:25


919.3.2007 14:55


1020.3.2007 5:12


the tv will never shoot and rape their audiance, thats what the RIAA and MPAA are for. :-D

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