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Philips introduces 8x DVD+R DL at CES

Written by Petteri Pyyny (Google+) @ 11 Jan 2005 13:37 User comments (4)

Philips introduces 8x DVD+R DL at CES Philips introduced their upcoming PC DVD recorders at CES expo held at Las Vegas. Their latest drives can record DVD+R DL discs at 8x speed, which means that a full 8.5GB disc gets finished within appx. 15 minutes.
The 8x DL specs are widely accepted by the DVD+RW Alliance and first 8x DL drives should be available by second quarter of 2005. However, we must remember that while dual layer discs have widely existed now for about a year, they still do cost appx. 10 times more than single layer discs, thus making them very, very rare in "real life use". If the prices wont drop dramatically during the year 2005, it might as well be that "next generation" optical storage formats Blu-Ray and HD-DVD make the whole dual layer format a "format-that-never-made-it".

Source: The Inquirer

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4 user comments

111.1.2005 13:54

;) reported this a while ago, i should have told ya guys.

211.1.2005 17:52

Isn't this sounding like Beta v VHS a few years ago. Blu-Ray or HD-DVD or stay with Single Layer ot take a chance and spend BIG $ on DL and hope it gets cheaper. How many of us upgraded our DVD Drives to DL Versions so we can get more storage space because of all the hype that was said about DL-DVD Discs. I got caughtout in the Beta - Vhs war. The Beta VCD I still have on the Wardrobe in the bedroom. J.M.

311.1.2005 18:48

Yeah, the DL format is definitely not going to have ever really matured by the time HDDVD and BluRay are released. And since they can be burned faster, people will buy new recorders, and spend extra cash and buy the faster rated media. But, maybe this means a drop in the prices of slower media? (probably not)

412.1.2005 16:30

Ok ...I admit it...I got suckered into the DL hype... I went out and bought the DRU-710a from a wasted of cash that was....Not only are DL DVD's expensive as hell (almost $30 for 3) but I can't find 16x single layer discs either (or even 12x to add to it). I think it will be interesting to see how this upcoming battle plays out between blu-ray and HD DVD. Because not too long ago we had a + and - battle on our hands and one of those two was supposed to die by the wasteside....but look...they're still both going strong....Ive got my popcorn ready for this fight.....

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