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More than 10 million iPods sold

Written by Petteri Pyyny (Google+) @ 13 Jan 2005 11:43 User comments (6)

More than 10 million iPods sold Apple continues its domination in digital music arena. Company announced yesterday that it has now sold more than 10 million iPod portable digital audio players since its launch in October, 2001.
Despite the fact that iPod's concept is over three years old, it has really hit the mass market only last year -- according to Apple, it sold 4.5M iPods during the last three months alone. And as it goes, it is highly likely that the recently announced iPod Shuffle will boost the figures even further, as it caters to a new market with its less-than-$100 price tag.

Source: PC Pro

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6 user comments

113.1.2005 14:45

-iPod The Mp3 giant,and now with the 512mb player for $100 dollars every one and his mom will own a Pod. -Not bad Mr Jobs,not bad.(Hell I might get one,Foe my girlfriend).

213.1.2005 18:42

This just in! More than 10 million people worldwide don't mind spending a fortune for a player that will die in 18 months. Ok I don't want another iPod Shuffle thread incident, so I won't say another word on any iPod or Apple articles for the next month.

313.1.2005 18:46

why does everyone want an ipod... there much more then many better quality mp3 players and plus its made by apple. WHY WOULD YOU BUY FROM APPLE. and as for the ipod shuffle, thats the most retarded thing ive ever heard of. buy a cheaper, smaller, better one with a screen and set it to random. or, fallow this simple manual to hack an ipod to an ipod shuffle. now erase all but 240 of your songs :) (taken from

413.1.2005 19:00

here.... 84 dollars.. built in fm reciver theres 4 512mb options there for ya. all have a led screen and im sure all have a shuffle feature BUILT IN! STOP APPLE TODAY!!!!

513.1.2005 19:01

didnt see that there was more to this... it wont let me edit?

614.1.2005 18:56

Stop hating, stop cussing, and GO HOME.

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