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eXeem public beta release

Written by Lasse Penttinen @ 24 Jan 2005 8:17 User comments (29)

When the BitTorrent site closed it's doors, they released bits of information about a new P2P software, known as eXeem. What eXeem tries to achieve, is to bring all good things of BitTorrent into a de-centralized network. This means swarmed downloads, and the reliance of uploaders. But eXeem come equipped with the Cydoor adware/spyware component, which makes it just a little questionable and ideologically totally from BitTorrent. New file sharing heaven, or just someone's sleazy attempt to make big bucks? You decide.
eXeem™ is a brand new Peer-To-Peer program, which is based on the BitTorrent idea. eXeem™ eliminates the need for trackers as nodes in the program will be taking their role. eXeem™ also features easy publication of files to the network as well as a rating and comments system. eXeem™ contains NO SPYWARE. eXeem™ is free and is ad-supported. eXeem™ is currently still in its beta testing phase, which means that the network might not be completely stable yet. You are still very welcome to give eXeem™ a try and see how it is different from other Peer-To-Peer programs.
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29 user comments

124.1.2005 11:25

"No spyware" HAAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAAAAHAHAHHAHAHAHA That's funny Here's 2 posts from another website "eXeem contains Cydoor, one of the more rampant spyware pieces of shit out there. Skip it." "its complete shit dont waste your time, even on the release its all fake files just like kazaa, the speeds suck and if anyone listened to the interview, its going to be add supported and slyonkey (sp) has signed with a "company" of course there is spyware." From what I got from the interview, this connects to the network kazaa uses, fastrack, and can handle torrents. So it's sort of like shareaza (which connects to gnutella and edonkey not fastrack) but 10X worse. There is if you want to try an adware/spyware free version. I'm not even going to bother with this. Check out to get more info and read the comments there. That's where I got those 2 quotes from above.

224.1.2005 11:51

Actually, if i remember right, eXeem like all other BT clients, uses File Hashing just like eMule so that fakes are almost always eliminated. I could be (and probably am) wrong though. lol. Peace, Pop Smith

324.1.2005 12:47

i don't know pop. i've been hearing a lot about fake files, but people are blaming this on rampant seeding by the RIAA and miaa. think i'll stick to conventional clients and tracker sites for now.

424.1.2005 14:05

dunno, thats just what i heard.

525.1.2005 12:10

I heard all the rumours, but not being one to follow others advice, i decided to give it a go... subsequently i have found; 1. No spyware/adware/viruses of any kind in any file or the program itself (also no ads on the program) 2. All the files i have downloaded (about 10gb) have been genuine. 3. Exeem runs about 10 x faster than i could get any bittorrent client to run on any of my 3 machines. So my advice is this: Give it a go... You'll never know until you try it yourself!

625.1.2005 15:27

It would not find anything I tried to search for. Should change it to alpha instead of beta. Also installs winmx, how 2001

725.1.2005 15:43

After uninstalling and of course before reading the post about Cydoor, ran a adware scan and huh, detected cydoor, huh, imagine that. Makes me not want to trust the e-mail I get from afterdawn without reading the posts

825.1.2005 16:59

How does that saying go? If it sounds too good to be true, it probably is? Well, from what I have been reading about eXeem that seems to be the case here. I absolutely HATE ad aware and spyware!! I think they are so intrusive. If I want to use their services, I'll seek them out, they don't need to come to me. So, it makes me leary to use anything or go to any place that needs to use these tactics. What makes them think we want to use them after they have come on our computer without asking us in the first place?

925.1.2005 19:11

How many people have actually scanned their machines and found the Cydoor spyware component? If spyware is gonna be a problem, I think its worth skipping.

1026.1.2005 10:17

Sad to see a good technology be waste on spyware. I did download it and it does have Cydoor. Probably a good thing eXeem didn't get "released" before Suprnova was shutdown. I would stay away fromthat site if I knew that the people behind it were ad/spyware supporters.

1126.1.2005 12:55

How many of you that have tried Exeem actually scanned for the Cydoor spyware before installing? I have scanned after install and it is not on my systems, so how can a claim be made without benchmarking first? Also it may be wise to point out that there is an optional sponser install included (please note OPTIONAL) which comes in the form of a toolbar... Renowned for holding spyware. I'd suggest that you give it try, but run Spyware first to see if you have cydoor as this is one of the most common forms of spyware around! If you scan after and find spyware - Uninstall it!! But don't judge it by others opinions, as they are rarely correct!!!

1226.1.2005 13:00

Good point SirFrench, why don't you download eXeem and let us all know what you think and see if you find any fake files and of course spyware and adaware.

1326.1.2005 20:53

Uhhh, maybe you need to get a reliable spyware scanning app, SirFrench...Exeem does have spyware! End of story. If you remove it, the app does still work though. I really dont like it as much as BearShare or Shareaza when it comes to p2p apps.

1426.1.2005 23:12

I updated my adaware, newest version i might add and scanned my pc . I have exeem installed and it found nothing . thats all i know

1527.1.2005 9:26

DVDeviant - I have Spybot S&D and Adaware SE, both of which are up to date with all the latest definitions. I didn't install the sponser toolbar, which, if you read my earlier post, you will see is the assumption for the source of the spyware. The question i pose is as such; Have you got Exeem installed? Did you check spyware levels before install and re test after install? And what was the outcome? As for not liking it, you have to remeber that it is only a beta version at present and therefore the network is not fully operation. However; the volume of peers is rapidly increasing. Although bound by the same constraints as Kazaa, the benefits being that; using swarns, you rarely get fake files, (of which i have got none)and viruses are more scarce than satanic cults in the vatican. I think that rjgat420 has proved the point of having installed Exeem and finding no Spyware. Whichever choice is made, i suppose that the bottom line is whether or not you are willing to try new software and how you go about the install.

1630.1.2005 7:31

Well, I really cant blame them, as far as they let you delete the spyware is fine by me, i know how to do it and im pretty sure that whoever doesnt know how to erase it is probably anyway going to get infecting when searching in google "free mp3 downloads" hahahahaha i've seen it so many times, or while looking for a crack in some spyware infested site, even me knowing of that risks sometimes have no choice but to get in to some of those sites in a desperate search, so finally if it lets me get good legitimate files with a decent speed, and in the comments of a file as long as people take the time at least to say how it worked for them its good enough for me, i mean we are in a war right now against the mpaa and RIAA or however you spell it, were not in a situation to complain for every single detail, at the end our options are little and are becomming less by the minute.

1731.1.2005 18:28

For those who think Exeem does not contain Cydoor...check your system32 folder and you find a folder titled adcache.... And if you dont believe that then dl Spybot or Microsoft Spyware...both will find Cydoor. And if thats not good enough for you go in to your registry..currentuser/software/Exeem/cache. It does contain Cydoor....I have not found any false files on exeem, but I dont waste time DL movies anymore since I have a DVD burner....found tons of music and software that is genuine.

1831.1.2005 18:35

those who are using exeemlite...that does not have spyware or Cydoor. Lastly read the dadgum article about exeem. "...eXeem™ contains NO SPYWARE. eXeem™ is free and IS AD-SUPPORTED." Last and final...... For those still lying to themselves about Exeem and Cydoor.....install exeem and when you get to the license agreement scroll down and find read that you are installing Cydoor on you pc.

192.2.2005 19:31

What I found is that everytime you load Exeem it loads the cydoor files. To stop Exeem for making an adcache folder with cydoor files first turn off Exeem, go to c:\windows\system32 and delete the folder called adcache and make a text file with no extention called adcache that is read only and place it in c:\windows\system32\ Exeem will no longer make an adcache folder.

202.2.2005 19:45

long agao in the good old day's of supernova i could get Dvd-r's (4 gig in size) with menu's and the whole 9 yards... i just tryed today that exeem and all i find is dvd-rips of movies in AVI files. any idea how i can find some good old fashioned pirated moves that go straight on dvd? imput welcomed!!

2124.2.2005 15:37

KimChi - pay a visit to The Pirate Bay...lots of DVD ready movies there.

221.4.2005 2:04

I installed Exeem 0.23 a few days ago, scanned it for spyware with adaware (newest version) and Search and Destroy (also newest version) and they found nothing I did as posted above check out the system32 folder and didn't find the mentioned file, I also checked the registry and didn't find the mentioned thing there either There's one thing that annoys me about the app though: Because I have a popup killer (?) activated it wont let me download with more than 5 kB/s... I wont stop the popup killer for this so is there another way? Like having a crack or something?

232.4.2005 13:36

wow.i downloaded it about two weeks ago,and fireworks went off on my took me 15 mins to get all that crap off my pc.

242.4.2005 18:44

I don't get it??? There is a contradiction here (unless I am losing my mind here, and that could very well be possible), but some say there is adaware and some there isn't. Because of everyone saying different things I haven't "yet" tried eXeem on my computer.

252.4.2005 19:59

yea eXeem contains spyware use eXeem lite.

263.4.2005 11:29

I just read when you try eXeem lite you have to fill in a serial number. Has anyone experienced this before?


274.4.2005 12:28

Well when I tried it out it did contain spyware that is what ad-aware detected especially Cydoor. Now with the newer version it is saying install this spyware on your pc or we will cut your download speed. what a joke, I Hope that when the final comes out they free it of spyware or i will just hope that this failed project dies a fast death

284.4.2005 12:42

I thought that msg just ment that your browser shouldn't block popup msgs or such...

2910.4.2005 12:03

to everyonewho disses eXeem, this is an interesting article thatmay change your mind.

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