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Huge piracy bust in Italy

Written by James Delahunty (Google+) @ 05 Feb 2005 8:23 User comments (10)

Huge piracy bust in Italy Rome Finance Police have seized about 20,000 items in total including pirated DVDs, music CDs, Console games including Playstation games, PC's and other items. From the news source which doesn't have very good English, it appears that eighteen individuals are known so far to be responsible and were handed over to the Police.
The operation came from an investigation that used surveillance such as phone taps which lead the Finance police to a Villa in Villanova di Guidonia. When they entered the Villa they found a network of PCs connected with about 50 CD/DVD writers and some printers which were used to make the unauthorized copies.

In the past couple of years there has been an increasing number of such raids worldwide turning up thousands of pirated goods. The world's entertainment industry looks upon these police operations as important for the stability of the major industries.

However, instead of the entertainment industry focusing on this type of piracy, we have been reading more in our news headlines about lawsuits against music downloader’s and sharers than the guys you see walking around your neighbourhood trying to sell bootleg DVD's. The attention of piracy should be focused more on these individuals than on BitTorrent trackers and P2P networks.


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10 user comments

15.2.2005 12:51

lol, thats crazy, it is good to see major piracy (they probably made $ of this) bust. It shows that you shouldn't make people pay for pirated stuff ;)

25.2.2005 13:34

The attention of piracy should be focused more on these individuals than on BitTorrent trackers and P2P networks.
Amen to that Dela. Amen to that. And with the numbers of people who are using p2p networks, they would easily be able to stop for good all of these lawsuits, if there was just a concerted effort. Not that I believe a concerted effort is possible. Its just that since society is nothing more than a collection of individuals, and with the huge number of individuals that make up this world wide community of traders, it seems like it wouldn'y be so impossible to band together, stand up for the rights of the individuals, and make a permanent difference in this matter. You'll have to forgive me. I'm still young, still prone to flights of fancy. :)

35.2.2005 13:42

it will NEVER end, although you could greatly slow it down by doing what Balaam said. Humans are willing to take chances, thats a fact of life. So, it will never end. Thats my take on it. Peace, Pop Smith

46.2.2005 9:10

There will one day be a private network for transmission of private material between family and friends and the MPAA will be out of the loop. With the right encrytion software nobody will know if a pic or music or movies or discounts tickets are being transmitted, and it will be like it should, nobodys bussiness what I might send to a friend.

56.2.2005 9:15

lol, we will get there eventually :D

66.2.2005 12:07

i hope to see that eventually too. i think theres even progress being made in networks that are completely annoymous and encrytped (some opensource project on sourceforge).

76.2.2005 13:04

I wish the same kind of resources would be applied towards terrorist's tc

86.2.2005 13:27

Buik, what an idea :D Thats what the U.S. should do, concentrate less on Piracy (although it can fund terrorism) and more on the Terrorists and their hideouts.

96.2.2005 13:53

Not just the US, but all nations, and their anti-piracy consortiums. Imagine the results. Maybe we could catch some terrorist, instead of Indicting a deceased Grandmother. TC

106.2.2005 20:11

I know why the focus is on the P2P networks. It's actually really simple: money. and lots of it. I would imagine that it's a lot more profitable (and easier) to file suit against a few thousand people than it is to put a few in prison.

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